How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step 2017

 Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Basic Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners 

Here I would like to provide the real step by step free affiliate marketing training that most affiliate marketers are using. No gimmicks, no hiden fee. You needn’t to be required to buy anything here.

Everyone knows affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and there are different ways to start your affiliate marketing business. Here I show you the basic methods of making money with affiliate marketing. Firstly I recommend you read understanding how to make money with affiliate marketing.


how to success with Affiliate Marketing
success with Affiliate Marketing


But if you are looking for a fast-rich program or business that let you make hundreds of dollars a day at the beginning, you will soon be disappointed.  Yes, many affiliate marketers have already succeeded in this business. That’s because they work hard over years and follow the right methods simultaneously. These two are the prerequisite.  Neither can do without the other.

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More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work.

If you are ready, let’s go ahead…

Ways to start affiliate marketing Step by Step


4 easy steps to start affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing steps

There are billions of people around the world buy or search stuff and tons of products are sold or published online every day. This is a big opportunity for our affiliate marketers.

The task or goal for affiliate marketers is to connect them together like a bridge to help your audience find what they are looking for and purchase through your website and earn handsome commissions with them.

1.  Choose your direction based on your interest – Niche


finding your niche in affiliate marketing
finding your niche in affiliate marketing


There are numerous products and markets around the world. It is can be said, every direction can be beneficial. But you need to choose one. The best way to start is from your interest and you can turn it into a profitable business. Choose your direction of marketing, in a professional word, is called NICHE.

Niche itself isn’t good or bad. Any niche can lead you to a successful affiliate marketing business. But you need to be aware of:

  • Not too broad
  • Lower competition – at least under 300 competitors for your niche
  • At least over 50 searches monthly

Don’t make “make money online” or “how to make money online” as your niche. Too competition and you cannot be ranked in google, especially for beginners. So follow above principles to find a good niche in affiliate marketing.


2.  Create your own website

create your own website
create your own website


After finding out your niche, the next step is to create your own website.

A website is a platform for your affiliate marketing business and the bridge what I mentioned above. It links your affiliate products or services to your customers. Visitors come to your site and buy the products or services what you promote.

There is another important reason for your own website being a prerequisite in affiliate marketing – because of the affiliate link.

Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter … don’t permit you to share or publish your affiliate link directly. If you promote your affiliate products or services by putting ads and affiliate links on your own website, that’s all set.

Steps of creating  a website

(1) Get your domain name

  • Godaddy  One of the largest and popular domain registers
  • Namecheap just like its name, the price of domain name is really cheap. ( personal recommendation)

(2) web-hosting and website builder

Domain name is ready and you need a web-hosting to host your all website. There are many web-hosting online. Here I list a few of them for examples.

Free web-hosting list:


3.  Choose an affiliate program and become an affiliate


become an affiliate
choose the right affiliate program and join

There are a variety of affiliate programs on the internet and choose the right one for you. Before you become an affiliate of an affiliate program,  you know that each one has its Pro’s and Con’s.

For example,

Amazon Associates is a known affiliate program. But it’s cons are obvious: low starting commissions and a very short cookie duration ( only 24 hours).

Clickbank is a popular digital affiliate marketing business but do you know there are some big problems for beginners:

  • your commissions will be deducted monthly by clickbank if you haven’t made new sales.sold successfully later.
  • You must complete 2 paid types of sales and you can apply for your commissions
  • avoid scam products of clickbank

So it is very difficult for beginners to make money successfully with clickbank, it’s for experienced affiliate marketers.

then what is the standard of best affiliate program for a beginner:

  • Free to join – with no risk
  • Choose legit affiliate programs and always avoid scams online
  • Easy to ship with high values/commissions (for physical products)
  • High quality ( Bad products will destroy your credit and lead to lost your customers)
  • Effective and related training built-in affiliate program
  • Strong and instant support
  • ……

If you are new to affiliate marketing and have no idea of choosing an affiliate program. I recommend this article Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs – Relevance vs. High Payouts to you. That’s really useful.

4.  Create quality and relevant contents

writing quality content for your website
writing quality content for your website

The best method of promoting your affiliate products is to write some relevant and quality contents ( For example, product reviews or your experiences) through your website. Visitors come to your website and read the information about what you promote, such as the features, functions, advantages, disadvantages, users’ comments and so on.

High quality contents = High rank in search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo…) = More traffic = More sales = More commissions

The longer the time your visitors s stay at your website, the more opportunities you can generate sales through your website. So we should provide informative and real contents for our audiences.

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importance of creating quality content
importance of creating quality content

5.  Attract targeted  traffic

attract targeted traffic
attract targtted traffic to your site

Only targeted traffic or visitor is your customers. Why target? Imagine that, you run a women’s shoe shop in the real world. Even if many people stop by your shop but most of them are looking for children’s toys or electronics,  these people would buy your product?

Here are some effective methods to crease target traffic to your website:

  • SEO your website structure A logical and easy to navigate website is friendly to search engine and visitors.
  • Traffic exchange
  • Paid advertising
  • Search engines Submit your website to google and bing and get your site indexed
  • Leave comments on other websites This is a simple and useful methods to increase your website traffics by adding external links. When you leave comments on others, that site visitors will see your site as well and possibly visit yours. ( please note: don’t leave spam comments. Your comments should be related with the articles.) Welcome to leave your comments and website below.
  •  Add your website to your email’ signature
  • Article directories  Article directories can be a great way tool for gaining traffic and generating back links for your site. e.g StreetArticlesEzineArticles
  • Forum Join some forums that relate with your niche. You can answer other people questions with your website signature.
  • Social media You can add social media button on your website for people sharing with your contents. This is an important methods presently.

Of course, there are many ways to increase your website traffic. But the key to increase website traffic is to create high quality and helpful information for your site visitors. This is a soul of a successful website.


Remember: More targeted traffic = More customers = More commissions

6.  Earn income

earn income with affiliate program
earn income with affiliate program

Once your website realize sales successfully, you can earn income for their purchase and these affiliate companies will send your commissions automatically. This will be year in and year out.

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If you would like to leave your personal comments or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

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