How to Build a Website with WordPress for Beginners 2017

For beginners, wordpress is the top free and easy website builder tool at present.

Do you want to build a website but don’t know how and where to start? Here I can help and show you how…

build a free wordpress site for beginners

Now matter what purpose of building your own website, share your ideas with other people, your interest or build a online business, you can complete it easily today with development of related technology. And even no cost for your website.  There indeed exist a “FOOL” way to build a professional website with one-click install.

Sounds incredible? Please read on…

The 5 primary factors of a successful website

Your website is a platform for you or your business that face to your visitors and you need a server to host it. It host ( store )all your website – posts, imagines and other related data. This can ensure your website load fast and effective works. There are some important factors of a website that create a big difference between a quality website and poor one.


  1. Less time to load – fast speed
  2. Professional design and impressions
  3. Edit and use easily
  4. High-quality content or information for your visitors
  5. Convenient navigate menu


Once completing above 5 works, a profitable website is in your hands. Making money then turn into easy and interesting.  Feel complicated above 5 works? I recommend you to use the most popular and versatile “content management system” -WordProess to SIMPLE them.

NOW Start out creating your FREE WordPress website by just entering your domain into the bar below…

Why using WordPress to build a website – Benefits & Features

Maybe you already know about WordPress. It has become the most popular and widely used website builder by people. To be frank, this site – Free Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – was built with WordPress.

Some years ago, only network experts who own the professional knowledge can build a website. At that time, people need to write HTML codes and design website manually. It was very difficult for newbies to complete such complicated works without related techniques. But nowadays everyone can build a beautiful and functional website with “one-click” install. All these are thanks to WordPress.

Some benefits and features of WordPress are below:


  • Easy to install and set-up (  This procession can be called: one-click installment )
  • NO HTML, no code and no experience.
  • Up to 1,000 beautiful and professional website templates for your choice
  • Easily add on features and functionality at a button for your website
  • Strong support from other WordPress users in the community


That’s why WordPress is my first and unique take to build my site. I had used WordPress to build my 3 other website years ago.It is fair convenient. Now I will show you how to build your own website quickly…

Want to build your own WordPress website FREE Now?


In the video training below: The WordPress expert – Kyle will show you how to create the WordPress website step by step. It is really easy and simple…


Now you know that building your own WordPress website is really easy. As I said before, I can give you help…but if you would like to accept my help above. If you want to get your site in a minute, you need to follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Create a Completely Free Wealthy Affiliate Account – If you have heard about it, please check my Wealthy Affiliate Review
  2. Use built-in website builder – Siterubix and follow above video steps
  3. Get 2 Free Websites and the Whole series of Training Courses & Tools


You are going to make your own Totally functional WordPress Website up and running.  This website is built totally free in this way.

If you need help for your site…

I ever had the experiences: even if the simplest and most effective training and tools are presented before people, it is a little bit difficult for some beginners. I understand this. So just leave your comment below or contact me inside of wealthy affiliate.

To your success,

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