How to Write powerful Product Reviews for Money

A lot of affiliates wonder how some people can make money online. The ANSWER is: one of the best ways to make fast fast money online is to write a powerful product review for your readers as soon as you have built a website. If you can offer a thorough review of a product or service, then you are going to expedite the decision process and it will lead to much higher conversions.

Did you have such experience?

Higher conversions = Much money

how to write powerful product reviews for money

Preparatory work – Find a product

First of all, you need to find a product before writing product review. Amazon is the most popular shopping website around the world.  you can join Amazon affiliate program and write product review to promote tons of products ( It is free and anyone can join without a cent). Their commissions can be up to 10%. ( Not all affiliate program are free to join and some don’t permit newcomers or websites to join.)

Amazon Affiliate: Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

find a product on amazon

Maybe you will ask:  how to choose a product?

Choosing the product that you have the most experience with or you have bought before. Then you will write review easily. After all, you are the USER.

When you try to find the right product for your review, you need to think of the factors below:

  • Is the product fit for sale online? In my opinion, if the product is heavy and low value, this isn’t the right one. Maybe the shipping fee is much higher than its value. Choosing virtual products is a good idea, such as software, games or Amazon Gift Card – Email
  •  Does this product have an affiliate program? Of course, all of Amozon products you can product. But if you choose a product out of it ( e.g, CJ, Linkshare or other affiliate programs), this is a question. Or you cannot get the commissions.
  • If necessary, buying a product in person and checking its quality and features.

Search the related product reviews online

Knowing other people’ s review or opinion is important. You can fully understand the product you are promoting: the customers’ real using experiences, advantages or disadvantages.

Check Amazon Members’ reviews

amazon members related product review

Visit professional product review websites

There are some professional product review websites online. From these websites, you can check all sorts of product reviews, complained or recommended. These are good resources for your review works.

Search more product reviews on google

How to Write a powerful Review for conversion 

What is a powerful product review? The more detailed, the more better.

The key is being REAL and INFORMATIVE with your reviews, making them understandable to your readers, offering insights into the Cons as well as the Pros ( in the point view of a user), and offering detailed information about the benefits of the product.

  • Start with an introduction of personal experience or a story about how the product effected you or someone else.
  • Product or service description
  • Include the Con’s and Pro’s.
  • Product specifications
  • Price – Let your readers know the kinds of the price: Free or paid, any bonus…
  • Guarantee (YES, NO)
  • Include relevant pictures and screenshots throughout the review. Link these with your affiliate link.
  • Conclusion: Recommend it or not

Many people care about a product or service if it is a scam or legit, does it work… They would like to search some products online by typing keywords or phrase like:

– is product_a scam
– is product_a a scam
– does product_a work
– product_a review
– product_a reviews

So you can use above phrases as your product review’s title to be ranked in google.

Here are examples of review:

Product review template

Maybe it is a kind of difficult to write a product review for a beginner when start out. Don’t worry about it. You can write a simple one and come back to improve it later. Wealthy Affiliate provide all these related training course online that you obtain for free.

If you can create a product review template that will be a guideline for all of your reviews going forward. Having a “standardized” review can lead to much more efficiency in the development of your reviews as well as consistency for your readers which can lead to more CONVERSION. Once you understand it, you can do this within any niche and with any product.

Please check out the video training about how to create a product review and template.

creating a product review template


Add more product reviews to your website

The next step is to create more powerful product reviews for your website by using template.

One product review represent a keyword phrase. If you can write 10 reviews on your site, your site have at least 10 keywords. These keywords can attract more traffics to your site when people search these product reviews online and the site will be ranked in google and other search engines in this way.

Remember: You won’t make any money if you don’t take action. Choose a product and write a review right now.

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