8 Ways to Understand What Is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Are you struggling with niche all the time?

When I got started in affiliate marketing, I always found this word everywhere in my search result. It confused me for a long time. But as time went on, I understood this scared word – niche gradually and found it very interesting actually. Maybe you have the same feeling as me?what is a niche in affiliate marketing

Then what is a niche in affiliate marketing or other online business? How do we understand it? I hope my explanations below can help you understand it and you can come up with some ideas.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #1: A distinct segment of a market

This is easy  to understand. If you are a “shoes” seller, you definitely don’t want to unravel the whole “shoes” market because it is so massive. You are going to choose a sub-market of shoes. So “shoes” isn’t the proper niche and “man casual shoe“, “man casual shoes”  can be thought a niche.

Snapshot below is shop by department at Amazon is a such explanation of “a niche is a distinct of marketing” and give you some ideas of a niche.

find a niche in Amazon department

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #2: A group of people who are looking for some special stuffs online

Today there are billions of people on internet. This is a huge market. Some people who have the same interest or problems consist of a group. Actually, you can think that a niche is a group of people looking for stuff online. Why don’t you sell your products & services to these people what they are looking for?

For instance:

A group of people over 50 years old looking to lose weight. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this. How about building a website and name it “over 50 years old looking to lose weight“?

A group of people looking to fix their back problems. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this. How about building a website and name it “fix back problems“?

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #3: local area + your business, products or services

Not all products or services are available around the world.

If I want to find a local place to exercise daily in my home town, I wouldn’t expect to see the search results for a gym or fitness center 40 or 50 miles away. That just doesn’t make sense. I will search my local area + gym/fitness center in search engines. So you can regard local area + your business, products or services as your niche.

Vancouver veterinary care, Vancouver animal medical, Boston veterinarians are such good examples of this.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #4: Season + your business, products or services

Some hot products has season features. That means these goods are only get good sale on specific season or date. So if your products has such characteristics,  you can add “season or a special date” before your products as your website name, you can make money with this kind of niche. Halloween ClothesHalloween Children’s Clothes are good of examples of this.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #5: your interest, passion or hobby can turn into a niche

Do you know your can make money with your interest, passion and hobby?

Even if you haven’t any products for yourself and no job, you can still make money by choosing something what you are familiar with or interested in.  You know interest is the best teacher. Assuming that you like playing football everyday, but have you realized you can turn your interest or passion into a profitable online business? You know the world is so big and there must be some people who have the same favorite as you. How about writing some articles that teach these people the techniques of playing football or promote some related products in your blog?

Let me give you a bit of ideas:

Do you think that football training drills for adults is a good niche?

According to WAY 3, how about Wisconsin badgers football tickets? Of course, it is a good one. You can sell tickets on your blog to earn money.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #6: gender + products or age + products

If you combine gender or age with a product, you will find that this is a niche too. For instance, Womens Bathing SuitsMen’s Swimwear, teenage riot guitar.

how about building a website by starting a niche of “50 years old man diet plan”? It is more  targeted.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #7: a phrase that has clear meaning and not too broad

Generally, niche isn’t a word and is a phrase. This is because s word is more broad that a phrase. For example, what do you think of the word of  “healthy”? This single word has many meanings and no body know what it point to. Yes, this single can bring huge traffics but not to your website. Because it is too broad  ( If you check this word in google adwords tool, the monthly searches are over 90,000)


Because they are ambiguous word and don’t include specific sense.

Healthy diet plan? healthy breakfast recipes? or guidelines for healthy living?

So this single word has many diverse meanings. Only the later phrases have the definite meaning and these are what people are looking for. So add several words to limit it and make much sense. Only the clear meaning phrase is a niche.

What is a niche in affiliate marketing #8:  problems or questions that need to be solved

People often search online to find the answers for their questions or problems that perplexed them. This always start from –HOW TO…

How to make money online, how to lose my belly fat, how to build a website for free…..

If your products or service can solve some problems and answered some questions, then this is a niche in affiliate marketing as well.

If my above 8 simple ways help you understand what is a niche in affiliate marketing, I am very happy for that. The next training step is how to find a good niche in affiliate marketing and start your successful online marketing business. You can find more niche training at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any question or problem, please leave your comment below, I would like to answer and help you.




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