3 Steps to Insert Google Adsense Ads Code to WordPress Sidebar Widget

WordPress can place Google ads in many locations, and there are a lot of good locations. At least the sidebar is one of the great places to show google adsense ads. Then this article will teach you how to put the ad code in this position and adsense ads display properly.

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How to Get Paid to Comment on Blogs at Wealthy Affiliate

Do you know -you can leave/add/write a comment on other people blogs to make money online? It’ true.  You can earn 1 dollar ( 2 credit ) for commenting on every two blog site at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now let me show you the details.

﹟1    Log into Wealthy Affiliate

When you log into your Wealthy Affiliate account, you will find the menu “Siterubix – build your website here” at the right bar, click it to check the “get comments on your pages & posts”.

see pic below:


Get Paid to Comment on Blogs at Wealthy Affiliate


Then you will be lead to the page of earning credits/money by offering comments. See pic below:


earn credits by commenting blogs


﹟2    Setting your comment profile

On this page, you can choose some interests so that Wealthy Affiliate can try and match you up with websites you are interested in. See pic below:


get paid to post comments


﹟3 Add comments to earn credits/money

Once you have set your comment profile, you will receive websites which is required for your comment. Now you can add/write/leave comment on the blog site to earn credits. See pic below:

how to comment blogs at wealthy affiliate

Entering your email ( indicates that you are a true man and serious) and write a comment for this blog then post or submit your comment to earn 1 credit/0.5 dollar.

Before commenting any website, you should click the site to read the content and know about it. You never should not spam or just write several simple words to cheat for credits.

If you don’t know how to comment them, please open the site to see what other members comment.


(a) why people ask comments for their websites or blogs and who will pay credits for this work?

Because the more comments and dialogue you have within your content, the better your site rankings are going to be (as your engagement value goes up).

Comments are a big part of our online business. They are not only a critical component of your overall engagement, they are good for SEO, target traffic and good search rank. That’s why the website owners hope to get true comments for their blogs.

Note: If you want to improve your blog rank, SEO or get more value traffics, you can require comments for your blog in this way. 1 comment cost 1 credit. ( You can earn free credits at Wealthy Affiliate.)

(b) What kinds of websites you can comment for money?

All sorts of websites or blogs at Wealthy Affiliate.


The blog is created with Siterubix ( Wealthy Affiliate free website builder ) by WA members.


The blogs have been transferred to Wealthy Affiliate

(b) How to get paid to comment?

The owners of blogs which are commented will pay you 1 credit. When credits has been accumulated up to 20, you can apply for Wealthy Affiliate and get paid through PayPal.

(c) How much you can earn?

1 credit (0.5 dollar ) for 1 website comment. No limited. The minimum payment is 20 credits ( 10 dollars – paid through papal)  .

One more thing…

Besides adding website comments, you can also earn credits/money by offering feedback at Wealthy Affiliate. 1 credit for 1 feedback.


get paid to feedback for blogs at wealthy affiliate

Feedback for blogs

The blog owners need you to give YOUR accurate opinion of the content, the style, the layout, the targeted audience, the quantity of pages, headers, footers, sidebars ….

Please check Feedback VS Comments

Building Landing Pages that Rock

 Here I would like to introduce one of the series of Wealthy Affiliate webinars ( ONE WEEK A TIME) by Jay- He will show you how to Build Landing Pages that Rock.


The Landing Page has gone through an evolution!

It is no longer a page for Paid Campaigns but a universal page for a distraction free environment of awesomeness – and it’s YOUR turn to have a rockin’ landing page!

Below is the digestion of this webinar before you watch:

Webinar overview

  1. What Exactly is a Landing Page
  2. Creating a Distraction Free Environment
  3. Important Above the Fold Elements
  4. UX Workflow to a Landing Page
  5. How to Track Landing Page Behavior
  6. Jay’s Rockin’ Landing Pages EXPOSED!
  7. Live Q & A Session

﹟1  What Exactly is a Landing Page

landing page example
landing page example

Back in the day……

  • Landing pages looked liked this ( right picture )
  • Opt-in or leave
  • No menu
  • No internal links
  • There was NO user experience

But that has all changed……

Today’s landing pages

  • Have menus
  • Have internal links
  • Can be blog posts
  • Can be pages

Any page on your site…is a landing page

Google anlytics says so:

Behavior > Site Content > Lading pages

“The only restriction a landing page has is its creator…”

﹟2 Creating a Distraction Environment

It is important for ALL ( landing ) pages have 3 primary focal points.

  • The headline
  • The content
  • The Call to Action

﹟3 Important above the fold element

  • Above the fold  It is elements ( i.e. stuff ) that is seen on a site BEFORE a user scrolls down.
  • Headline
  • Imagine ( on the right )
  • Beginning paragraph or abstract

These variables change based on landing page intent.

﹟4 UX Workflow to a Landing Page

(1)  UX means user experience

(2) Workflow

  • The process to get somewhere
  • How to arrive at a landing page

(3)  Current Landing page Example: Landing page 1 ( with menus, internal links…), Landing page 2 ( simple version )

  • Relies on affiliate to flow to the homepage
  • This is down with 4 sides: reviews, banners, CTA ( call to action ) at the bottom of blog post, videos.

﹟5 How to track landing page behavior

Google analytics is a very helpful tool of tracking all your landing pages and give you all index. Jay teach you how to use these to improve your landing page  and increase conversation rate.


how to track landing page
how to track landing page


using google analytics to track landing pages
using google analytics to track landing pages

# 6 Jay’s Rockin’ Landing Page EXPOSED

Jay isnot only the teacher of Wealthy Affiliate and but a successful affiliate marketer. He will let you know how he design his own high conversation rate landing page to promote Amazon products and other affiliate programs or products.

jay's landing page
one of Jay’s landing pages

# 7  Live Q & A Session

Of course, this course cannot solve everyone’s question. But if you join the Wealthy Affiliate webinar, you can ask Jay your personal question at this part, he will answer you online. I very like this part because other people’s questions are possibly mine.

Next Jay’s webinar: Let’s Build a Landing Page LIVE!

I hope my simple introduction give you a clear view of Jay’s webinar.


4 Easy Steps to Create A Free WordPress Website with Siterubix

Now create a free wordpress website is very easy. In this page I will show you how to biuld it in just 4 easy steps with siterubix. (under 30 seconds).

Step 1 Choose a Free Domain

There are two ways to choose a free domain for your site.

﹟1  Visit to siterubix.com

If you have already come up with a profitable domain, just type it in the bar. Once it is available at siterubix, you can click “build my free website” button and you will enter into the site builder center.


build a free website with siterubix
Create a free website with Siterubix


﹟2  Choose free domain at the Siterubix site-builder center 

Sign up for free account  and choosing “A Free Website”


choose a free subdomain on siterubix
Choose a free domain


Step 2 Name Your Website

This is an optional step. You can name your site later and won’t influence site rank and SEO. And you can change your site name at any time.


name your website on siterubix


Step 3 Choosing a WordPress Theme

More than 2,000 WordPress themes for premium membership choice and 6 for free member. These themes are all responsive and friendly to your site SEO and mobile devices.

choose wordpress themes at siterubix
more than 2000 wordpress themes


Step 4 Build Your Website

This is the last step – just click “I’m ready, Build my website now!” and wait for seconds, your own website


siterubix is the best free website builder


Here’s the Demo of building a free website with Siterubix (under 30 seconds)



Check Your Website Information

In the site manager area, you can check your website information, e.g. login password, FTP username/password


manage your wordpress site on siterubix

Other information, e.g. your website health, rank, traffic, keywordtool, rapid content writer… please refer to: why Siterubix is the best site builder

9 reasons Why Siterubix is the best free wordpress website builder

wealthy affiliate website builde

There are so many popular free WordPress website builders online, weebly, wix, squarespace, wordpress.com and so on. According to my personal experiences, I say, Siterubix is outstanding among of them.


free wordpress website builder - siterubix
8 reasons – Siterubix is the best free wordpress website builder


What is Siterubix and its background


Siterubix was launched in 2007 and is owned by Wealthy Affiliate. Now it has developed into an advanced web technology platform, including hosting services, domain registration, website builder and step by step and advanced online busyness training for beginners and professionals.

Firstly, let’s see how hot Siterubix on google search:





Reason 1:  First things first – Totally Free


Siterubix is a completely free WordPress website builder, no hidden fees, no credit card need. And there is another important: No any ads display on your website!

Actually, This site is created with Siterubix. ( Note: The ads in the right of my site is added by myself.)



create a free wordpress website now


Reason 2:  Unique features

(1) Website quantities

Anyone can be allowed to build TWO FREE WordPress websites with Siterubix.

(2) Rich WordPress themes 

More than 2000 WordPress themes on Siterubix  are all responsive for different niche and can help you turn traffic into sales easily. ( 6 theme choice for free)


wordpress themes on siterubix
more than 2000 responsive WordPress themes on siterubix


(3) Web hosting services

Its web hosting service is supported by Wealthy Affiliate. Below imagine is my premium member hosting. Except for 50 website quantities, the other hosting features are same as a free membership.

web hosting service feature
web hosting service features

Related Article:

Wealthy Affiliate hosting compared with others


( 4)  Keyword tool


Siterubix provide another powerful tool is their keyword tool. This tool needn’t to be downloaded and installed on your PC. All keyword research works can be completed on page!

Only one time search, it provide your site the three key factors of keyword: search volumes, traffics and competition and dig the keyword deeply to find more values.


siterubix keyword research tool
Siterubix’s unique keyword research tool


Con’s of Siterubix keyword tool:

It seems that it only support English word search.

(5) Domain registration

Siterubix didn’t provide this service before. With the development and more and more people joined, Siterubix added this this year, The new domain registration price is about ﹩12-15 yearly. I think it is reasonable.

Of course, you can also transfer your other domains to Siterubix if you would like to manage them together.

Below imagine is my new domain registered on Siterubix. It’s very easy!


siterubix domain registration
my new domain registered on Siterubix


Above top domain registration is for premium member. Of course, as a free membership, you can choose 2 free domain with siterubix just by typing words into below bar:

Siterubix provide privacy service free:

Prevent all related personal information of your domain leaking.   If someone search your domain online, he cannot see your personal email, phone number…


(6) WordPress plugin

About 36,000 plugins for your choice. If you build a website with Siterubix successfully, several important plugins will be pre-loaded, e.g SEO PLUGIN – all in one SEO pack in your site. You can delete unwanted plugins at any time.

Note: Too plugins maybe effect your website speed.


(7) Interesting

Siterbix is a “dummy” free website builder. Users needn’t any html knowledge, on the contrary, it is a fairly interesting work. The main goal of Siterubix is: how to turn your hobby into a profitable business through building your own website. (You can click former link to see this short descriptions on its mother website)


create a free wordpress website now


Reason 3:  Monitor and evaluate your website health and safety


Siterubix monitor your website health and safety 24/7. It does a daily backup of all of your sites so you don’t have to so anything to get that backup done. Once your website is ruined, you can contact support to restore your website.   Don’t worry about this problem.

Speak of monitoring your website health, this function are very helpful. The intuitive chart tell your website status or problems and improving methods.



monitor website health and safety
monitor your website health and safety


  1. The status of your website health: red means your website need to be improved or adds more quality contents frequently. Click view details to see snapshot below
  2. Siterubix monitor and prevent your website from hacking and infected by virus.
  3. the newest of WordPress version of your website
  4. Google index: if it display “yes”, that means your site has been indexed by google ( this is a necessary condition of finding your site by search keywords on google)


display website health status
display your website health status


You can improve your site according to above tips and methods.


Reason 5: Get target traffics to your website

Yes, there are many free and paid way to get traffics to your site.  Maybe it is a kind of difficult for a beginner to find or use these methods.  But if your WordPress website is built on Siterubix platform, there do exist some helpful ways to attract target traffics gradually.

(1)Get traffics from your website comments

You ask for other members to leave their corresponding comments on your site.

As we know, trash comment will damage your site and decrease your site rank. but  quality comments make your site more informative and thus google would like to index such site. In this way, your site tell google how the users like to visit your site. If search keywords on google, you will find the top website that have many such comments there.

Here I would like to tell you the truth:

One comment will cost you 1 credit. On the other hand, you can earn credits by commenting other members’ site in this way. No limit!



Siterubix comment function


You will possibly question above method:

(a)  Why would members like to leave a comment on your site in Siterubix?

The reason is simple. They can earn credits in this way and withdraw cash.

(b)  How about leave trash comment on my site?

This system prohibit such comment strictly. Trash and too short comments cannot be passed here.


(2)Get traffics from its community

Siterubix courage its members learn each other so you can add your sites to “my profile”. When you ask or answer questions, your website will be exposed to others and got clicks.. You can also check other members’ sites to learn their techniques. Here’s an example of one of Siterubix member’s websites added in his profile.


add website to your siterubix profile
add website to your siterubix profile to get traffics


Reason 6: Suitable for affiliate marketing business


Some other free website builders don’t support you to add affiliate link in your website and will display free ads on your site at the expense of a free user. But there is no restriction on Siterubix. Thanks to its website tools and training, it is the right places to build a successful and long term affiliate marketing business. I have given a short description about this in below part.


Reason 7: Step by step Training

In my opinion,  it make Siterubix outstanding among all of website builders is its step by step free training. All these courses are taught by the owners -Kely & Carson and entrepreneurs.

As a beginner, you just follow their easy training course ( updated with the times ) to create your site. Thus can keep you in the right track at the beginning of online business, it will save lots of your efforts and reduce mistakes ( some are fatal for your site works )

These training courses not only solve the problem of creating a website but also building online business. The Bootcamp course 1 (10 lessons) and tons of training created by their members are fully free!


step by step training for beginners
step by step training for beginners


create a free wordpress website now



Reason 8:  Strong support and help 24/7


(1) Check Everything WordPress Classroom

Generally, you can find all answers about WordPress questions in this classroom.


everything WordPress classroom
everything WordPress classroom


(2) Search questions answered by professionals

Maybe your questions had already been answered or solved by people. Just type keywords in the search bar and find answers.



search questions or problems for answers
search questions or problems for answers


(3) Live Chat Support

Click Live Chat tab to get instant help or answers.


Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support


(5) Another important help for your website


Maybe you have created your site and contents but no clicks, no sale, you cannot find out the problem where it is. In this case, you can publish your site in the community and you will get the owners and other experienced professionals answers. Don’t be shy! This is very helpful. What I got help in this way


Reason 9: Multiple languages support


Siterubix allow you to create your website in any language, not only for English version. I have successfully created a Chinese website with Siterubix.

create a free wordpress website now

Bidvertiser Ads Damage Your Site Rank – Remove it

Don’t use Bidvertiser.com to monetize your site or blog, it will damage your site rank/index and be punished by google. Remove it!

Last month I added Bidevertiser ads code on my Chinese blog and wish earn a little money. After completing ads work, it seems that there are some problem with this:

If I click the blank on my site page, an unknown site will be popped up. And another big problem is: sometimes it will redirect to a new website when I click my left widget ( one of my recent posts). But I didn’t care about these then.


bidvertiser.com ads
this is bidvertiser.com site. Don’t use its ads on your site


To my surprise,  several days later, I got google warning notification: detected sneaky mobile redirects on my site

google notification about sneaky redirects
google notification about sneaky redirects


This email is Chinese. Google said, mobile users see different results from PC users and they will be lead to another page. These page urls are different with what the users see in the search results. So google think my site violate its rules. They don’t allow my site display in search results.

Note: More explanations of sneaky redirects from google



Then I checked my sitemap and index. They are all zero.

google search analytics
google search analytics

I searched my site on google – no any results

google index
search my site index on google – no search results


Google has already punished and screened my site. All the reasons are Bidvertiser ads. It has some malicious code and ruined my site. I deleted all their ads and resubmit the site to google again. According to google instruction, I submitted the consideration request to google.


re-submit the consideration request to google
re-submit the consideration request to google


Bidvertiser other problem

There will display waning messages when google chrome users visit site including bidvertiser code. This can give them an impression: this site isn’t safe! And they will leave your site instantly.

When I tried to delete its ads code, I found I can’t delete them thoroughly. Even if I delete the plugin, the ads still exist on my site. Finally, I used WP fastest Cache plugin to do this work successfully.

clear bidvertiser ads thoroughly with plugin
clear bidvertiser ads thoroughly with plugin

Bidvertiser negative comments

If you search “bidvertiser”, “bidvertiser malicious” or other related keywords on google, you will find many negative comments by people. They encountered the same situation as me.

Bidvertiser complains
Bidvertiser complains by people


This is a bad experience for me. Bidvertiser.com ads are not safe and ruin site rank. Compared to your hard writing work, the loss outweighs the gain. If you have already added bidvertiser ads on your site, remove them as soon as possible!

Using alphabet soup technique to find most popular searched keywords on google

Using alphabet soup technique to find most popular searched keywords on google

We can use alphabet soup technique to reappear these most popular searched keywords on google ( google instant) and know what items people are interested in.

This technique is very simple and effective. When you type words in google search bar and wait for 2-3 seconds (needn’t to click “google search” tab) ,  a series of relevant keywords will be displayed there automatically.

Using alphabet soup technique to find most popular searched keywords on google
Using alphabet soup technique to find most popular searched keywords on google

Alphabet soup technique  ( google instant)

Once you insert the letters ( even including space) in the different position of keywords or long tail keyword phases, google will automatically give you a clue what people searched before. Now I am going to show you the details.

﹟1  behind the keyword

If the niche of your site is about promoting keyword research tool or help people to get their site rank in google, you possibly want to search “google rank” or such related popular keywords. Now let’s take this keyword for an example:

(1) Insert apace behind the keyword

Now I enter “google rank” in the search bar and move the cursor to the next position ( insert a space ) and wait a moment, you will see a series of phrases. Generally, these top keyword phrases are arranged by searching volumes and frequency. See imagine below:


search google rank with alphabet soup
search google rank with alphabet soup

In these search results, “google rank check”, “google rank tool” and “google rank checker” are all clear meaning phrases.

(2) Just type in the keyword or phrase ( don’t move the cursor)

This method has slight difference from above one.  In the search lists you will find some variation results of this.

accurate keywords search on google with alphabet soup
accurate keywords searched on google


Maybe you don’t know “google rankbrain” is a keyword searched by most people. In this way, you have found this new and potential keyword phrase.

(3) Insert a letter behind the keyword, such as a, b, c….

Let’s take another related keyword phrase- “website rank” for an instance.

search website rank on google with alphabet soup
search website rank on google with alphabet soup


The phrase “Website rank analysis” is another meaning one.

﹟2  before the keyword

From above two methods we can see people search keywords in different thoughts.

Now I typed “affiliate program” in google search bar and added the letter “a” before it, then what happened?

search affiliate program on google
affiliate program searched on google with alphabet soup


﹟3 In the middle of  the keyword phrase

Alphabet soup technique permit you to insert a letter not only before or behind the keyword but also in the middle of the phrase on google. Maybe many people know above two methods but a few people know the latter.

To be frank, I didn’t realize this until I learned this from Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I take “write review” as an example:

(1) Insert a space

write a review searched on google with alphabet soup
write a review searched on google with alphabet soup

If you combine the phrase how to with above keywords, that’s a very profitable niche or long tail keywords.

How to write a critical review
How to write a restaurant review
How to write a concert review

It possibly make your site rank on google!

(2) Insert a letter ( same as above )

Now I added the letter “b” in the middle of write review and then what happened?

search write review on google with alphabet soup
search write review on google with alphabet soup

It came out several clear meaning keyword phrases!

If you are still confuse with this technique details, please check the demo video by the WA founder- Kyle.

alphabet soup technique demo video
Demo video of searching keywords on google with alphabet soup technique

Using Keyword tool to find out the keyword search volumes and competition

You may have a new idea of searching keywords through my introduction. In this way you can shorten the searching time and efforts. But if you want to get the targeted results or value keywords for your website, there exist two problem:

  1. How about the search volumes ( too big or small isn’t what we need)
  2. How about the keyword competition – what kind of keyword can make your site rank in google?

So we need an efficient keyword research tool to analyse these most searched keywords what we have found in google and find out the targeted ones. Now I enter affiliate marketing training into Jaaxy

keyword analysis search in jaaxy
keywords analysis search in jaaxy


From above searching lists, the phrases which QSR value are less than 300 ( the smaller, the better) are the awesome. These can make our site rank on search engines. ( please check Jaaxy review for more details about the keyword specifications)

You have 30 times to search awesome keywords with Jaaxy, try it for free! 

Now I show you how to discover the most popular searched keywords on google with Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool ( compared with Jaaxy, simple but power as well)

It seems that write a book review  is the popular searched keyword in google found by alphabet soup technique. let’s take a look at what was inside WA keyword tool.

Keyword analysis search in wealthy affiliate
Keywords analysis search in wealthy affiliate keyword tool


very good!

searches: monthly searches 299
Traffic:Once your site rank in google first page, it can get 51 clicks.
Article Power:the bigger, the better. In Jaaxy tool, it use the color indicates the SEO value.Green is better, yellow is ok and red is bad.

Now I click the “view result” tab to check the keyword competition (QSR-Quoted Search Results).

I clicked these tabs and found this phrase’s QSR is very good, only 9!

find out keyword competition QSR with wealthy affiliate
find out keyword competition QSR with wealthy affiliate keyword tool

What does this mean?

It means there are only 9 results for write good book review searches.

In my opinion, the reason why people search these keywords, maybe they want to know how to write a good book review or similar question: how to write a product review for money? If you are an expert of this, how about writing such related articles in your blog?

It most possibly rank No. 1 position in google search results!


As you see, we got a number of the top searched keywords with alphabet soup in google in a very short time. Assume that you have patience to enter the letter from a to z, how many potential or hidden keywords can be added in your list? How many traffics the keywords bring to your site? This way can pull-up your entire site rank as well.

There are two important factors for this technique:


To ensure that you can find these top searched and low competition keywords, type the root keyword at the beginning and add the letter before or behind to expand it. And find out the closely related keyword phrase.

The next step, on the basis of this, repeat above works to expand the phases into the long tail keywords and so on.


Using the competitive keyword research tool, like Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate, find out the search volumes and competition until you find out the accurate keywords.

If your site or blog is small, Wealthy affiliate keyword tool is enough and Jaaxy is much professional for a bunch of keyword research work.( It is also a domain search tool).

To your success,

How to Embed a YouTube Video on WordPress Blog

Embed a video on your WordPress blog will enrich your content and make your site lively and vivid. This is an effective way to get visitors and drive targeted traffics to your website. YouTube is the largest video source online. If you find a popular video and relevant with your content, embedded this video in your post and thus will help your site rank in google.

In this post, I will teach you how to embed a YouTube Video on WordPress Blog in three ways:

  1. Embed a YouTube video into content
  2. Embed a YouTube video on widget
  3. Upload a video from your computer into content

﹟1  Embed a YouTube video into WordPress content

Step 1 Get video html code

If you find a YouTube video you want to embed into your content, you will see a “share” tab underneath the video. Click the “share” and select the “Embed” tab. The video html code displays there. This is the code that will be embedded in your post content. See imagine below:


share youtube video
how to share YouTube video by embedding code


You can also see “show more” underneath this code bar. There are more options about choosing the code, e.g. size…see imagine below:


more options of youtube video code
more options of youtube video html code


Step 2 Paste the html code into your content

This code CANNOT be pasted to your content directly and you need to do this work in text or html area. When you edit your WordPress post, there are 2 options chosen at the the right top of the edit page. One is “visual” and another is “text” or “html”. Select the “text” and find the right place to paste this video html code.

wordpress post editing tab
choose wordpress post editing tab


Step 3 Embed video into the content

Here I will show you an example of embedding a YouTube video in this post.

Let’s take the above video what I have found on YouTube – “the fastest website builder in the world”. ( Actually, this site builder belong to Wealthy Affiliate Members – whether starter or premium membership)

Now I have got the video html code by following above methods, then I have copied these codes under this sentence in the text editing environment.  See imagine below:

embed video code
how to embed a YouTube video code in text editing area

and you will see the result in this post:



You see insert a YouTube video is so easily. Everyone can complete this work even if you haven’t any html knowledge. Please refer to the demo video training on Wealthy Affiliate


video tutorial of embedding code
video tutorial of embedding code into WordPress content


Now let’s talk about…

﹟2 Embed a YouTube video on WP widget

WordPress platform is very flexible. You can insert a YouTube video not only in post content but also in widget area. That’s fairly easy as well.

Go to WP widget area and drag “text” from the right to the left side bar and copy the video html code and click “save” tab. Then it’s over.


insert video into widget
insert youtube video into widget


After saving the text widget, you will this video on your WordPress sidebar. See imagine below:

sidebar widget video
how video displays on WordPress sidebar with widget


Here’s the tutorial video on Wealthy Affiliate about the whole procession of Embedding a YouTube video on WP widget.


tutorial video of embedded in widget
tutorial video of embedded in widget


﹟3 Embed or upload a video from your computer

 Besides above 2 ways to embed a YouTube video in WordPress blog post, you can also upload a video from your computer.

Step 1

On the post editing page, click the “Add Media” tab ( left top ) and choose the video from you computer, see imagine below

upload a video from computer
upload a video from computer


Step 2

Find the video in your computer and click upload to your WordPress media list.

Step 3 

In above “insert media” page, click “insert into post” tab.

Note: Maximum upload video size: 8 MB

If you have any comments, please leave them below.


Create and Submit a WordPress XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Create and Submit a WordPress XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools is very important and necessary. With a sitemap, it’s much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. This will increase your site rank in keyword search result.

Google is the best search engine and search for new quality contents and index them. To improve your indexing speed for new content you create, there is a feature within your Google Webmaster Tools account that allows you to submit a Sitemap URL to Google. This allows Google to index ALL pages and posts on your website and to do so in a very efficient way.

More web pages ranked = More traffic = much more benefits

In this post I am going to teach you through the process of creating an XML sitemap using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin in WordPress. After you have done that, you will be able to submit your Sitemap URL within your Google Webmaster Tools account. Your WordPress site will be getting indexed quicker and ranked.

﹟1.  Install  Google XML Sitemaps plugin in your WordPress site

Google XML Sitemaps is a well-know and most popular plugin and can generate a special XML sitemap automatically. It will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com to better index your blog. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.

Now log into your WordPress background and check the plugin box, you will see “add new” button. In this area, we search the keyword Google XML Sitemaps to find it and click “install now”. After installing it successfully, don’t forget to active it. ( see imagine below)

Or you can download here and install into your WordPress site later.


google xml sitemaps


﹟2.  Creating your WordPress XML sitemap

After installing and activating the plugin,  check the “Setting” box and click “XML-sitemap” enter the plugin area. If you don’t know how to configure or select, just leave them default. At the top of this page, you will find your sitemap url. like this: http://yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml

For instance, My WordPress sitemap url is: https://affiliatemarketingtrainings.org/sitemap.xml

See imagine below:



The last work of this step is to click “update options” at the bottom of the page.

﹟3. Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster tools

Before submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster tools, there are 3 steps that you have to complete: ( If you have done this before, please check the third part)

(1) Need a google webmaster account

If you have’t google webmaster tools account, please sign up here

( 2 ) Submit your website to google webmaster

Firstly, you need to submit and verify your site to google webmaster. Don’t worry about it. It is very easy, just follow the instructions. The next steep is to click your website to enter google webmaster dashboard.



(3) Submit your WordPress sitemap to google webmaster

Once your site is verified by google, then you can submit your sitemap there. Find the “sitemap” button in the dashboard. see imagine below:

click sitemap button
click sitemaps button


And you will see the “Add/test sitemap” at the right top of the page. Enter “sitemap.xml” and click “submit” button.

add/test sitemap in google webmaster tool
add/test sitemap in google webmaster tool


Your sitemap status will be displayed “pending”. About several hours, the “sitemap” item display “submitted and indexed quantities”. These two numbers is maybe different.  Not all web pages can be indexed by google instantly. It will need some time, maybe several days, weeks…. That’s up to your domain date (website time ) and quality of contents.

check google indexed sitemap status
check google indexed sitemap status


If you use all in one SEO pack plugin in your WordPress blog, you can use it to create a sitemap and submit to google webmaster tools as well. It is very simple too. You can check this tutorial video in Wealthy Affiliate or click the video below:

how to create a wordpress sitemap with all in one SEO pack
create a wordpress sitemap with all in one SEO pack and submit it to google

If you have any question or problem with this work, please leave your comment below, Ii will answer you ASAP.


A completely free automated money making software – Gomez Peer Zone review

You can download Gomez Peer Zone -a completely free automated money making software and install it on you PC computer. It will run in the background and bring money for you while browsing the internet.

what is Gomez Peer Zone

Gomez Peer Zone is an affiliated with their parent company Compuware Gomez. Compuware Gomez is an established coGomez Peer zone review parent companympany that has been around for over a decade. Gomez Peer Zone has not been around for that long, but is also a well established company that I highly recommend.

how it works – Why make money without doing anything

Yes, you needn’t to do anything. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Actually this company use your leisure CPU for their Performance Test and they will pay you a little money for this. Once you install their free software, it will run in the background. So the truth is you make money with your own computer.

How much money you can earn

Don’t expect too much!

The money you will earn is depends on the time the software run in your computer. the time longer, the money muchGomez PEER pay rates Gomez PEER Zone

Referral Bonus (Per Referral Activated): $1.00
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Online Time Payments (Per Day): $0.080000

The rate in these countries below is $0.001000002/Min:


The rate in these countries below is $0.000499998/Min:


Others is $0.000249942/Min

Maybe you are a kind of disappointed. It is better than nothing. After all, you can make this without doing anything, just running in the background.


Several ways to Maximize Earnings

  • Increase your Online Time:
  • Referrals:  You will earn a referral bonus for each new PEER ( $1.00  )
  • Increasing your machine’s workload increases the amount of time your computer will spend processing work earning you higher monthly payments.
  • Add more PCs to your PEER account.
  • Verify your preferences on the PEER user interface. To be eligible for online time and work processed payments, the characteristics (country, zip/postal code, Internet connection type) you indicate on the PEER preferences window must match the actual characteristics of your PC.
  • Check your screen saver and energy saver settings.

 Pros and Cons


  • The minimum payment as low as $5.00
  • Referral bonus: $1.00
  • Get paid simply and automatically
  • This  free automated money making software is safe
  • You need to do nothing
  • You can this software on multiple PCs


  • Gomez Peer Zone software can only be installed on PC.
  • Gomez PEER is available for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7 (x64 platforms are also supported).
    Linux, Mac and Solaris are not supported.

Get paid with  Gomez Peer Zone

﹟1 : Paypal account

PayPal is currently the only ways to receive payment for running the PEER application. You must have an active PayPal account by the payment date or you will forfeit that month’s earnings.

﹟2:Minimum payment $5

If your income don’t reach this, it will roll in next month and up to $5, then you can get it from your Paypal account. This payment procession is automatic.  about 10-15 business days from the earnings close date (the last calendar of the month) for payment to appear in your PayPal account.

get payment form Gomez Peer Zone company
get payment form Gomez Peer Zone company

How to apply for and download Gomez Peer Zone?

This is completely free. You can click here to apply for it. But there is only one requirement:

The e-mail address you register with your Gomez account MUST be the same e-mail address on file for your PayPal account. If the e-mail address differs between the accounts you payment will not be processed.

Once you joined Gomez Peer Zone, download and installed in your computer, it will run in your computer like this:

Gomez Peer Zone software running status
Gomez Peer Zone software running status


Apply for Gomez Peer Zone for free