How to Verify Website With Google Webmaster Tools2016 – beginner tutorial

Here I’d like to introduce two ways to add and verify your website with google webmaster tool.

  1. Verify a WordPress website by using All in One SEO plugin
  2. Verify other website by uploading HTML verification file

Using All in one SEO plugin – the easiest way

Step 1 Submit your website URL to google

Create a free google webmaster account and find “ADD A PROPERTY” menu at the top right corner of your google webmaster tools homepage:


create google webmaster account

Click it and a window will pop up and enter your website url. The example of a website is: (This is a url what you should use). See google explanation

enter your website url

Step 2 Choose Alternate methods: HTML tag

Type into your url and  click “continue” button. Then you will be lead to the verify page. See below:


choose html tag to verify website


Select the “HTML tag” button and copy this html tag code ( don’t copy the quotation marks)


copy Html meta tag

Step 3 Install All in One Seo plugin

All in one SEO plugin is a free and powerful seo tools.

Log into your WordPress website account and click “plugin” button to add All in one SEO. Or you can download it and manually install it to your WordPress site later.

In “General Settings” of the plugin, you will find the “webmaster verification” part and paste the HTML code here:

See below:


paste google webmaster html code


At the end of this page, click update options button to save.


update and save

Step 4 Verify your website

After completing above works, now back to your verify page on google webmaster tools and click the “Verify” button to complete.


verify your website


That’s OK!


Verify your website by uploading HTML verification file

This is fit for all kinds of websites: WordPress website or non.

Using File Zilla -Ftp tool – to upload HTML verification file to your root directory of your website domain. File Zilla is a popular FTP tool and it is fully free.

File Zilla download here


download file zilla client

Step 1 Same as above

Step 2 download google Html_verification file


Choosing “recommended methods” and download the google HTML verification file on your PC.


download google html verification file


Step 3 upload Html verification file

Open file zilla client FTP tool ( linked to your website successfully) and choose the google verification file.

upload this file to your website “public_html”. ( must be under this root directory)


upload google verification file with file zilla

Step 4 Verify your website

Back to your google webmaster account to click the verify button. That’s OK.

Confirm successful upload by visiting*******.html in your browser.

Finally,click verify button to complete.


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  1. The verifying process have been processed according to the procedure which has been define by the google webmaster as we can take many advantages through it but mostly people are not aware about the effectiveness of this tool and for that they have to study it completely so that it can be easily identify the process of it.


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