what is the best free website builder for small business 2016

When you run your small business or home business, building your own website is your first choice.

There are so many free website builders on internet, but what is the best one for you while running your small business?

The features of good free website builders should include:

  1. Totally free without hidden fee
  2. No – Experience needed: Just several easy steps with 1-click install to set up your free website for beginners
  3. Free hosting but stable and fast speed ( Most free hosting don’t.)

what is the best free website builder for small business

But have you ever thought about after building your website with these free website builders?

Above features seems good but they are not enough for the best free website builder, it should also teach or provide you:

  • How to create your content
  • How to choose your keywords to get good rank in google
  • How to get traffics to your website
  • Is there any step by step video training courses
  • Is there a live chat or active community where experts answer your question instantly

I can help you build your own 2 Free websites and provide these full-package solution. And what’s more, you can get effective help all the time while running your 2 free websites.

2 thoughts on “what is the best free website builder for small business 2016”

  1. I think the best free website builder is either Wix or Weebly. Wix is well known, has a lot of features and is easy to use but it does have ads on the free version. On the other hand, Weebly doesn’t show any ads, has the drag-and-drop feature that anyone loves and is overall simple to use. If it wasn’t for the ads maybe Wix would be better but as things go, Weebly seems the best free option. What do you think, Michael?

    • thanks for your comment. Weebly is a very good free website builder.( I haven’t used Wix before). my websites were created at bluehost before ( including my domain names) but now I have transferred them to wealthy affiliate and built a new website with siterubix. the reason why I choose WA is: there are many themes to choose and the most important thing for me is: there are great free courses for WA member and I can always get quick support from WA community. not only for website problem but also for everything of online business. so that’s why I recommend siterubix as the best free website builder.


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