SFI Marketing Group and Tripleclicks Affiliate Program Review 2016

Some people said SFI Marketing Group and Tripleclicks affiliate program are completely scam while others said they are excellent. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. What is the truth of SFI and Tripleclicks?

When I joined SFI/Tripleclicks in 2013, I could not help but start blood surging up – I found an automatic money-making program! I called my friends and relatives to ask for them join. After almost 3 years, my enthusiasm was disappeared gradually. Here I give you the truth of SFI  and Tripleclicks with you through my personal experiences.

SFI Marketing Group

Name: SFI Marketing Group – Strong Future International

sfi marketing group office
sfi marketing group office

Website: www.sfimg.com
Owner: Gery Carson
Type: Free Join
Training: 50/100
Tool: 80/100
Support: 85 out of 100
Overall Rating: 70 out of 100 points

SFI ( short for Strong Future International ) Marketing Group, previous name – Six Figured Income years ago, was founded in 1998 by  Gery Carson.

SFI claim it is fit for all people – beginners or experts. Actually, it is difficult to earn money with SFI for beginners or newbies if you are new to internet marketing business.

In my review, I will let you know the overview on how to make money with SFI and:

Is SFI a MLM or is it legit or scam? This is questioned by many people.

Read my top recommendation review



Name: Tripleclicks
Website: tripleclicks.comtripleclicks affiliate program review
Type: Free Join
Support: 90/100
Quality: Good
Overall Rating: 87/100 – Good

As a sister website of SFI, launched in January 2009, TripleClicks currently features over 90,000 products and services, with hundreds more new products added weekly, including collectibles and items available nowhere else on the Internet. TripleClicks also allows its members to simply and easily sell their own unwanted items for cash or trade. SFI affiliates can earn handsome commissions promoting products and services available at TripleClicks.

What is SFI

SFI is an old online work company which was founded in 1998. The founder of SFI is Gery Carson and well known around the globe as a successful business person. From 1985 to 1998, Gery was a top marketer and record-breaking distributor for several direct sales companies and a successful business magazine publisher.

SFI provide business opportunity to help people around the world to earn income by becoming an affiliate.

My SFI Review

Firstly, I take you a look at the process of making money with SFI.  You will have learn many things from analyzing the process of making money of an affiliate program: difficulty or easy, legit or scam, if it is fit for you…

How to make money with SFI

When you joined SFI, you will be overwhelmed or confused by so many info at SFI affiliate center and don’t know how to start. Actually, it is very simple. There are two mains ways to earn income with SFI:

  1. Earn commissions by promoting products on tripleclicks store
  2. Accumulate points ( about 1 point =﹩0.0005)

All the others are grouped around these two aspects. ( SFI compensation plan provide 6 ways)

Whatever affiliate program you join, you must realize sales to make money – by promoting products, services or refer people to join. So the first is easy to understand. You can regard SFI as a kind of general affiliate programs.

But the second seems very complicated.

I joined SFI in June, 2013. At that time it took me about almost 2 months to understand this. I don’t know why SFI make it so complicated. This is the main issue among the SFI affiliates.

Now Let’ see how SFI explain “accumulate points”

This includes three aspects:

ONE, doing daily, weekly and monthly works to earn free points – these free action points are less than 700 points a month

TWO, buy or sell products on tripleclicks store to earn points

THREE, building your team and matching their tons of points while a team leader.

The biggest dispute is the THREE PART. Somebody judged SFI was a MLM and even scam by this.

What is a your SFI team and what does “matching points” mean on earth?

There are TWO types of SFI affiliate – PSA and CSA. And your SFI team will be consisted of PSA ( Personal Sponsored Affiliate ) and CSA ( Co – Sponsored Affiliate).

The difference between them:

  1. Earn 45% CV commissions from PSA -your direct downlines ( up to 12 levels. This is depend on your SFI rank. e.g. BTL-6 level, STL – 8, GTL – 10…)
  2. Earn 15% CV commissions from CSA -( I call this “branch” of your team, only 1 level )
  3. Maching all your PSA points up to 12 level ( If you are a team leader)
  4. Only machting 1 level CSA points ( If you are a team leader)

In other word, your PSA can “produce” downlines and higher commissions for you. But CSA only bring you 15% CV commissions. CSA can be regarded as bonus for your team in SFI.

For example:

Assume that you are a BTL,  there are 6 people whose rank are above EA and their points are respectively 1500, 1640, 1780, 2100, 4300,7890, 2730. Then you points you can match:  1500 + 1640 + 1780 + 2100 + 4300 + 7890 + 2730 = 21940 points ( about ﹩10.97)

Your matched points will be displayed in SFI genealogy and Score page

matching points in SFI

And you will see this result in your SFI center page – Scoreboard

commissions earned through SFI

I had to admit that some top SFI affiliates matching tons of point a month. Please see the snapshot below by one of Philippines’ affiliate (he published this in SFI forum )

matching points from SFI team

How much can he earn by just matching points a month?

2,274,432 (include his own points)* 0.0005 =﹩1137.216

Only 2 years in SFI!

This income just came from his matching points and didn’t include his commissions ( Other SFI affiliates cannot see his account).

I don’t want to mislead you. Only a few affiliates can reach this.SFI daily growth

Because most PSAs in your team are inactive – “dead”.

As I know, the average rate of active affiliate is about 1%. ( But the quantities of SFI affiliate are very huge, about 4,000 people join SFI daily.)

That is to say, if you have 100 PSAs in your team, only about 1 PSA is alive. Others are all “dead”. Sometime a few of them would wake up to work and be active.

To active these “DEAD” members, SFI provide ultra-simple 3-step plan. They call this – “Duplication 

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month. ( Note: EA rank – reach 1500 points monthly)
  2. Recruit five affiliates
  3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps

This like snowball game or cell division. 1 into 2, 2 into 4 …..

Now you will ask…

Is SFI a MLM business?

So I say SFI include or hide MLM.  ( I don’t mean to bring you to a MLM business and just give you an explanation of this.)

It’s up to you!

Is SFI a MLM business


If you dislike it, you just treat SFI as a general affiliate program. Making money by promoting its Triplelclicks Store’s products. Like promoting Amazon’s products to make money.

If you like MLM business, SFI is the best one.

SFI don’t admit it is a MLM. In my view, it really include MLM.


Is SFI scam?

I have read many negative reviews about SFI- do not trust strong future international SFI, is SFI affiliate program scam…

I had questioned about this before. But now I don’t think SFI is scam. This is based on my personal experiences. SFI pay my commissions to my paypal account on time.

Why some people said this? Two main reasons:

  1. Don’t violate SFI rules. Every program has its rule and don’t violate it. E.G Some SFI affiliates opened multiple accounts to cheat points, free gift card…SFI closed them. Once your account is closed by SFI, SFI will confiscate all your money in your account. Some of them gave bad but not a true review on internet.is sfi scam
  2. Some affiliates who are not honest want to match their downlines’ points or earn commissions from them, so they cheated and instigated  them to buy products or chase higher rank in SFI.

If you do this business same as these dishonest SFI affiliates, you will make SFI as a Ponzi scheme. You cannot make real money in this way.

In my point, MLM is just a business form or tool. Itself isn’t a scam.

If you use MLM to make money by just investing money, it turn into a scam.

So matching points from your downlines is just a bonus way to grow your business in SFI. Only can your downlines buy what they real need and sell their products successfully, you can have an active team gradually.

Another important reason of this is:

I said, it is difficult to make money online for some people, especially for the newbies. For some people, they maybe only earn less﹩10 monthly even after 1-2 years with hard work in SFI. They will lost their faith and feel that they trapped into scam.

So it’s necessary to learn step by step affiliate marketing training courses and understand how to make money online to save your time and efforts. And powerful knowledge can help you avoid scams online all the time!


Many people said, you must spend or invest money in SFI.

This is a big mistake.  Joining SFI is FREE and nobody ( Include SFI) can force you invest. You can keep free forever. Investing is just an optional in SFI.

I don’t think if you invest money in a online business, that is a scam.

Whatever business you works, you always invest something for it – investing money or time or your knowledge….

This is not the real problem.


But why some people spend money there?

You know, many SFI affiliates are newbies. The are new to internet marketing and have no basic idea of making money with affiliate programs. SFI provide a paid way to grow business – advertising.

So the truth of investing money in SFI is – For promoting SFI or their products, some people choose to pay ads fees. You need to know: this is not necessary in SFI!

If you want to make money online, you must generate sales or get referrals to your promoted programs. I said, SFI is a kind of difficult for beginners. In SFI, you can pay ads fee to get your referrals from SFI or other experienced advertisers.

That means: you pay the ads fee and they will promote products or services for you.

For an instance,

You found a profitable product on Amazon and want to promote it to earn commission. But you don’t know how to work. So you find an ads expert and ask him/her to advertise this product online. So you pay him/her ads fee. If somebody buy this product, you get the commission from Amazon.

This is very similar with SFI but there is a little difference:

SFI and its advertisers promote the whole SFI and tripleclicks store for you not for a specified product.

SFI’ S-builder co-up, PSA TO GO are such advertise tools.

You can share the ads fees with SFI to participate their recruiting ads.

Many advertisers provide such services as well on Tripleclicks.

Please be careful:

Many SFI affiliates whom you get from this way are inactive or ghost.

These advertisers ( include SFI) exaggerate its function of making money online – the world’s #1 affiliate program

After joining SFI, some people find SFI isnot what they expect. They choose to quit or turn into inactive – doing nothing.

The best way to promote an affiliate program ( or any other business) is to build your own website and write the true affiliate program reviews for your audiences to choose.

Don’t cheat them and just tell them the truth according to your real experiences!

Remeber: you need to buy what you real need. Not for points and MRP to buy!


Training in SFI

Most affiliate programs provide free and relayed training course for their affiliates. So SFI isn’t an exception.

For this part, I only give it 50/100 score.

SFI free training
Internet Income Course 2.0

The main training courses is their LAUNCHPAD ( on the right top of page) , Rule of success and Internet Income Course 2.0

Now Let me give you a short view of this respectively:

LAUNCHPAD – 30 Lessons

In this part, Gery tell you what is SFI and why you can make money or big money with it ( this is called “duplication”). At the end of each lesson, you can earn 10 points by answering a question.

Rule of success – 20 lessons

It’s a basic principle of doing business but no details of methods. It is an ideological content which are fit for all business- worth to read.

Internet Income Course 2.0 – 90 lessons (by experts)

Professional articles. But too professional, too long, old-fashioned and inflexible. Not vivid! I didn’t read through them in almost 3 years.

For beginners, they expect vivid and step by step to act.

Speak of this, I recommend you Wealth Affiliate Free training. They are really basic and lively training with videos.


According to my above analysis, I only give SFI overall rate 70 out of 100 points. If you want to understand SFI further, you can join as a SFI affiliate to experience this free business opportunity.

My Tripleclicks Affiliate Program Review

After reading my tripleclicks review, you will understand: all strategies in SFI, matching points and building team, is to promote Tripleclicks Store: buy or sell products there.

Unlike SFI, Tripleclicks is very good online store. As a sister website of SFI, it is respectively independent store. SFI affiliate membership cover tripleclicks’ but you can join tripleclicks for free separately.

Tripleclicks Affiliate Program Review

What is Tripleclicks

Tripleclicks is a general online store that covers more that 90,000 product with tens of categories. Like Ebay and Azamon, it is small and include penny auction ( Pricebenders), ECA Program, Music Contest and online games for members. I will walk you through one by one.

Please go ahead…

Benefits of buying products on Tripleclicks

To promote their products, Tripleclicks adopt some special strategies and methods:

Almost each product on Tripleclicks has Two factors (besides price): Points and MRP (Member Rewards Points)

That means when you buy products there, you will earn points and MRP as well. And you can use them to redeem products there again. You can regard this as discount strategies. Like 10% OFF, 25% OFF….

and after about 10 days, tripleclicks will send you and notification email to encourage you leave your comments (review) for this product and grant you 30 points. If the customers’ reviews are too low, they will punish the sellers to withdraw their products or even close their stores.

How to buy products on Tripleclicks

Once you find what you want, firstly check the product details: product describe, purchasing time by the people, product review and if it can be shipped to your country correctly. ( e.g some products cannot be shipped to China for customs’ policy)

  1. check how many people left their product reviews. Genrally, more reviews mean this is a popular product
check product details
check how many people left their reviews

2. Check the review details and return policy

The sequence of review is from top to bad. click the page number to check the full review – bad and good to understand why people like or dislike it.

check the product review details

The con’s:

If you live out of USA and Canada. The shipping fee is very high. Sometimes it is higher than the product itself. This is the biggest problem and SFI haven’t improved this yet. Amazon and Ebay always have a very flexible shipping policy for customers to choose. I think this is because Tripleclicks is a small online store.

Benefits of selling products on Tripleclicks

There are millions of members on tripleclicks and at least tens of hundreds are active and regular buyers. ( For me, I buy about 1-2 times monthly there.) There are two ways to sell on Tripleclicks:

  • Sell your unwanted (second – hand) stuffs there. This is like flea market. Tripleclicks is the good one.
  • If you are a small home seller (new products), ECA program is the best choice for you.

Now I focus on the second one – ECA Program:

List your product is FREE

There is no cost to publish your products. But SFI will remain a little fee only when your products are sold successfully.

Your store Connected with SFI affiliates

Everyday, SFI will publish an ECA seller on affiliate center and tons of affiliates will connect to your store. Thus your promotion news will be displayed in the center or to their email. This methods include e-mail marketing. This can add your sales dramatically if you have a good product with competitive price.

ECA on SFI center

Promoted by tons of SFI affiliates

I have said this in my above SFI review, SFI affiliates can earn very good commissions by promoting tripleclics’ products. Once you join ECA program, you will get promotion or linked by tons of SFI affiliates. Why? Thanks to SFI designed affiliate program, they can earn commissions.


Penny Auction – Pricebenders

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions (a division of TripleClicks) allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products, including PSAs, CSAs, S-Builder Co-op units, and other SFI “business-builder” tools, for a fraction of the retail price–typically more than 90% off.

If you won the product, it is free shipping ( only to USA and Canada).

I must to say this is very hot on tripleclicks. You can earn 1 point and 5 MRP whether you win or not.

For this part, you need to know:

  1. Use Tripleclicks currency – T-credit to bid and 1 T-credit for 1 bid
  2. Only use right strategies can you win! (about 50% odds according to my personal experience)

The last two things I want to remind you:

  1. Pricebenders is not a real Penny Auction. Yes, 1 T-credit for 1 bid. But the lowest price of 1 t-credit is ﹩0.29.
  2. It is easy to be addicted. So remember above second rule and control your budget and don’t exceed the product price.

Because of the high international shipping fee ( I live in China), I only bid for virtual products – PSA, CSA, S-builder, T-credits and so on. Snapshot below is What I had won in Pricebenders Penny Auction:

won 200 CSA in pricebenders penny auction


Some other hot products are for Pricebenders Auction:

hot products for pricebenders penny auction

Playing games

Tripleclicks provide several online games for Gaming Fan. Besides experiencing the interesting and challenging yourself, you can earn points, MRP and gifts. Learn more

Artists for “Song-of-the-Month” Contest

Each month, TripleClicks challenges independent artists worldwide to compete for the best song of the month–as chosen by their members. If you are an musician or singer, you can take part in Tripleclicks Music Contest.  TripleClicks members will rate/review your song entries to help you improve your future songwriting and recording. learn more

tripleclicks music contest

The Affiliate Program

Tripleclciks provide an excellent affiliate program for people to earn handsome commissions.

Why I say it is excellent?

Tripleclicks is just an online store with small scales. What’s the difference between Amazon/Ebay and it?

The best of this: You can earn commissions from your referrals FOR LIFE!

And there is another good reason that I think it is very special….

If you try to promote an hot product on tripleclicks with your affiliate link, someone join tripleclicks under your link but he/she don’t buy the product you promote and buy others or play game there, you can earn income as well.

 My #1 Recommendation of online business with step by step training and powerful tools

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of SFI and Tripleclicks or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

To your success,


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