5 Easy Steps to Create a Free Shareasale Affiliate Account

As one of the top affiliate networks, ShareASale has always been Loved by tons of affiliates around the world (now part of Awin ). As a Chinese affiliate, Shareasale is also my favorite ( I have been here for over 6 years ).

Let me demonstrate how to register a Shareasale affiliate account in just 5 simple steps for free.

It’s very simple. Just apply normally. There are a total of 5 steps to successfully register.

  1. USERNAME-Choose Your User Name (ID will be automatically generated)
  2. WEBSITE-Enter your website domain name
  3. EMAIL-Input your email address

Step 1: Choose Username

Click the signup button at the upper right corner to enter into the registration page, as shown below:

ShareASale affiliate registration page
ShareASale affiliate registration page

Go to the next step and enter your username, password, country, and region here.

shareasale affiliate account creation
affiliate account info

Step 2: Setting Your Website

Support multilingual website applications. (If you don’t have your own website, you can click here to build a WordPress website like me for free).

People who do not have a website fill in your social account URL here.

In the option below, select NO (do not contain any adult content).

At the left list, please note that all options are NO. This refers to your promotion method. If you choose YES options, your account may be refused by ShareASale.

Step 3: Email Activation

After completing the above steps, you will receive an email from Shareasale and check your email and click the link to confirm and activate your account.

Step 4: Contact Information

Just fill in your contact information correctly.

Step 5: Setting Payment

shareasale Setting Payment

If you live outside of the U.S., Payoneer is the best choice for collecting commissions. Since I live in China, I use it and it is very convenient now.

The minimum payment is $50.

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