ShareASale Merchant Guide (2): How to Attract Affiliates to Join Your Program

Once completing commission settings on ShareASale, the next important step for merchants: Let affiliates be interested in your program and feel that it is a good opportunity/honor to join. The more time and energy spent in this step, the greater the chance of success.

Tips: Quality is better than quantity.

To attract affiliates to join your affiliate program, you should make a good self-introduction.

There are many ways to recruit affiliates, either free or paid. Now I take ( Its affiliate program on ShareASale ) as an example to explain the process.

Program Bio Settings

Goal: Make a beautiful self-introduction.

This is the first opportunity to cooperate with your affiliates to attract their attention. You can edit Program Bio in text or HTML, and add beautiful pictures and format pages.

Bio includes:

  • company history,
  • commissions offered bonus/reward affiliate programs,
  • average sales (EPC),
  • cookie duration,
  • and any other important information seen by the shareasale affiliate.

The more detailed and specific, the better. You can update your bio at any time in the future.

merchant program bio on shareasale
merchant program bio on shareasale
Tip: Click the Preview bio button to preview the program bio page to see if it is displayed correctly.

Once completing this work, affiliates can see this in their ShareASale accounts.

Example: Descriptions of affiliate program on ShareASale
Example: Descriptions of affiliate program on ShareASale

And this content will appear on the minted affiliate program page.

Keywords/Categories Settings

Goal: Use all 255 characters as much as possible. Maximization is the key!

Make sure to include the brand name and useful terms. Generally, these terms are part of SEO, so add as many keywords as possible( you can change them at any time later).

As a Shareasale affiliate, I use keywords to search affiliate programs or merchants, so if merchants’ keywords match mines, the merchant will appear at the top positions. Keywords setting is an important job! This lets affiliates find your program quickly.

let’s take birth announcements as an example to see the search results below:

You will see “birth announcements” in the minted program keyword list while clicking minted. See below:

keywords of Minted affiliate program on ShareASale
keywords of Minted affiliate program on ShareASale

Moreover, you can choose a category as many as possible(the additional category fee is 350 US dollars). As shown below:

Company Logo Settings

The logo size should not exceed 500 x 500 pixels. This is the main image displayed on your business details and co-branded page.

The co-branded page is prepared by ShareASale for its merchants, which is convenient for quickly recruiting affiliates. Your merchant link on ShareASale is in the following format, and the ID number at the end is assigned to you by ShareASale:

In addition to the company logo, there are also a variety of creative sizes that can maximize your exposure in Shareasale. It is also very simple to use, as shown in the figure below:

Company Logo settings

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