Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool vs Jaaxy – Differences and Similarities

Wealthy affiliate keyword tool  and Jaaxy can all give you the three important factors of keyword: , searches, traffic and QSR value there still exist some differences between them



All created by Wealthy Affiliate owner.

So if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can access to these two keyword tools in your WA dashboard.

Wealthy affiliate keyword tool vs jaaxy


Almost have the same results for keyword search.

Recently, Wealthy affiliate keyword tool has updated and give QSR value in the search result as well as Jaaxy. For an example, I choose the keyword “lady golf glove” randomly to see the result:

Wealthy Affiliate keyword search result:

wa keyword search result


  • Monthly Searches: 24
  • Traffic ( Top rank page): 5
  • QSR competition: 48


Jaaxy keyword tool search result:


Jaaxy keyword search result



  • Monthly Searches: Same as WA keyword tool
  • Traffic ( Top rank page): Same as WA keyword tool
  • QSR competition: Same as WA keyword tool

All have “brain storm” or “keyword dig” function

They all provide “brain storm” or “keyword dig” function to broad your scope of mind to find the right keywords.

All are easy to use – not a software – no download

You can complete keyword searching works on a page and needn’t to be downloaded as a software.


the Price

Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is built in Wealth affiliate and  free for premium members ( WA membership: ﹩47/month or ﹩359/year -save ﹩205 ). There are no limited searches.

Jaaxy is an independent keyword tool and don’t belong to Wealthy Affiliate although you can access to from your WA member center. If you use Jaaxy, you need to pay seperately. The price is ﹩19/month. As a free Jaaxy membership, you are permitted to search 30 times in Jaaxy. after 30 searches, you need to pay member fee to access unlimited search and all its functions.

the function

As a professional keyword tool, Jaaxy can provide more details and power function than Wealthy affiliate keyword tool.

For example:

Jaaxy provide domain name search and register services – help you find the value domain  name ( see my Jaaxy review)

domain research in Jaaxy


You can check your website rank or position on google, bing, yahoo for keywords with Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a google keyword rank checker as well.


check your website rank for keyword


If you have joined other affiliate programs, e.g. Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare, Clickbank…. You can search affiliate products for keyword in Jaaxy with one search. It’s very convenient and save you lots of works.

search affiliate products with Jaaxy


My Experiences and proposal

When I joined WA and have been a premium yearly membership, I had access to these two keyword tools ( I bought paid Jaaxy membership for 3  months to understand it. ) Since I thought Jaaxy was more power than WA keyword tool. ( WA keyword tool didn’t provide QSR value then). Through many contrast test, I found they almost got the same result and this year Wealthy Affiliate update its keyword tool system, now I only use WA keyword tool as my choice. ( budget considerations).

But If you just need an effective keyword tool or do mass keyword search works, Jaaxy is a good choice. You can pay monthly fee when thinking of using it ( only ﹩19/month). You can save the keywords what you find in Jaaxy and check them later even if you are non-paid membership.

saved keyword in jaaxy


Get 30 times keyword free searches in Jaaxy 

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