Jaaxy Enterprise Review – the Best Competitive Keyword Research Tool 2016

Keyword research is always one of the most important works when you get started in affiliate marketing. Which is the best competitive keyword research tool with high cost performance and it has its unique value that others don't have?

Good and effective keyword researches can lead your website to profitable niche marketing. If you find a keyword with volume searches and lower competition, you will be excited and realize the huge potential benefits. This means lots of target traffics to your website or articles if they apply with this keyword.

I had used some paid and free keyword search tools to do this work before. But this research work was very manual and time-consuming. And some data found by them were futile.

Why most competitive keyword research tools are fakes

The problem with the paid keyword tools is to provide you many data that really won’t work for your website rank in search engines. They do this that just want to let you feel their values: My website got too many info for my keywords.

Here are 5 things below you need to keep an eye on when you buy the keyword research tools:

  1. Need to install (like a software)
  2. Data that estimate PPC (pay-per-click). – this data varies constantly, not fixed
  3. No competitive data for a keyword
  4. Search results are not from all main search engines (google, yahoo and bing)
  5. Only use Alexa as the main point to gauge the competition of a keyword

Keyword  tools like these have one purpose: to earn money for USERS, without providing them with data that is easy to make use of.
These are poor features of keyword search tool that provide useless keyword info to buyers. So before your decision of purchase, you should check above things for these tools.

Best Competitive Keyword Research Tool

Now I take you a look inside –Jaaxy Enterprise

Then what kinds of keyword should we looking for and make our website get good rank in google to attract more visitors?

When I do keyword search work on my niche marketing, I will care about these 3 things:

  • How many visitors from the keyword monthly– this is a basic consideration
  • How many competitors for this keyword – can you make a good rank for this keyword in google?
  • What does the keyword real meanings – why people search it

Jaaxy Enterprise can give you ACCURATELY analysis for the search results. And I am most interested in the SECOND- competitors for the keyword. Only do you know how many and strong the competitors that you will face to and you can choose the right keywords.  Jaaxy is the unique one can give you such indicators (QSR value) online. No others.

So if you find the keywords that have low competition with clear meanings and get a good amount of traffic, you are SEO ready. Your website will be a good ranking in Google by creating contents with these keywords what you find in Jaaxy.

That’s why I say Jaaxy is the Best Competitive Keyword Research Tool.

Jaaxy Enterprise review


  • Avg.  The average number searches that the keyword receives monthly
  • Traffic  Visits to your website if you achieve first page ranks in the search engines
  • QSR  Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword
  • KQI  Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, yellow is OK and red is poor
  • SEO  A score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page ( Score of 1-100, higher = better)

Find the accurate and low competition keywords & niches with Jaaxy

Not all keywords works for website ranking. The biggest problem for beginners who started with affiliate marketing is how to find a good niche for their future business online. If the keywords that they found are too competitions or broad, their websites hardly get a mount of traffic because of their low rank in Google.

Only combining monthly searches and competition ( QSR) you can find the best and accurate keyword!
Let me explain the most important thing when you are going to choose a keyword.

This is called “QSR – Quoted Search Results ” or “Competition“. If a keyword is relevant to your niche marketing and has QSR below 300, then you are going to get ranked if you’ve got some qulity content on your site. In this sense, any keyword that you can get ranked for is Good!

Generally conclusion:

  • Monthly searches over 100
  • QSR < 300
  • KQI is green or yellow ( Green is better)

So if you use a quality competitive keyword tool like Jaaxy that other keyword tools cannot give you such unique value, you will find these accurate keyword with low competition and create your content.

Let me give you another example for this:

My wife like playing golf on weekends and just now a keyword “lady golf glove” come up into my mind. Let’s search it in Jaaxy to see the result:

Jaaxy keyword tool Review


With just 1 search in Jaaxy,  I found 17 awesome keywords in niches that easy to rank for in Google. And the color ( GREEN) of SEO indicator can also give you the direct clue.

Jaaxy is a powerful Domain research tool as well

You know your domain name is your brand in niche affiliate marketing.

One of the most principles of high ranking in Google is –

Undoubtedly, if your domain name contains your niche keywords, you are s very strong competitor in niche marketing. According to google algorithm, a website with such domain can be easily “dragged” to high rank. THIS IS A FAIR IMPORTANT RULE!

When you start searches With in Jaaxy Enteprise, you will get the Exact Match Domains which are available with the corresponding search term as well, 90 domains at a time.  This work will quickly bring you lots of awesome domains available).  .com that people are selling for $1,000’s within reselling services. In other words, you can find hot domains with these high rank keywords and sell them to earn income.

jaaxy is a domain name checker

Last month I bought a cupcake for my daughter in our local department store and watched the whole making process. Now the phrase of “how to make cupcakes from scratch” came into my mind.

Let me put this phase into Jaaxy  search bar to see the results:

Jaaxy keyword research

 Wow! what a coincidence!

This phase has very good traffics/searches and lower competition. And SEO score is high – 89.

What’s more, all domains -,com, .org, . net are available.


Jaaxy provide users a  convenient way to buy the Exact Match Domains at a very cheap price with a safe web-hosting.  If you click the later – .com, .org, or ,net, you will be lead to Domain/Website service page. See below:

what is the jaaxy keyword research tool

Only about ﹩13 you have a profitable domain!

I could buy these domains and build a small website with them because Google ranks domains that contain the keyword in them (even after the latest Panda update targeting EMD’s), My websites are more likely to be the first ranking in Google!

About $10 for a domain for a year. 1,000’s of clicks. To me this is a no brainer and a complete business model that Jaaxy Enteprise opens up because of its ability to find domains so efficiently.

Find your website rank in google with Jaaxy

How do you know what keywords are relevancy for your site and which position your site in google? This is another special feature function of Jaaxy Enteprise.

Website position in google always fluctuates. How do you know the accurate position for some specified keywords?

It is easy to use Jaaxy Enteprise to check your site rank.

Let’s take my website as an example:

If you search the long tail keyword best free affiliate marketing for beginners as my niche keyword.

Now I enter the relevant keyword and my website url: affiliatemarketingtraings.org into Jaaxy search bar and get below result:

free ranking keyword checker tool

You can see the result: This kind of long tail keyword make my site rank top 3 pages in google. This is a good result. But others are not. This give me a tip -I need to add more value contents matching my relevant keywords to get high rank in Google. ( My site has less than 10 articles/posts, if I add up to 30 quality pages. As time go by, my site rank will rise gradually.)

The price – Membership of Jaaxy

There are 3 kinds of membership of Jaaxy to meet your budget.

  • Jaaxy Free starter: ﹩0
  • Jaaxy Pro: $19 per month, $199 per year
  • Jaaxy Enterprise: $49 per month, $499 per year

As a free starter, Users are permitted to use Jaaxy to search 30 awesome NICHE & KEYWORDS INSTANTLY without any cost. This is a great experience. By this, you will understand the power of Jaxxy. I am afraid that you will be addicted. ( ^_^ )

For me, I am a Jaaxy Pro membership. When I am ready to write or start a PPC compaign, I will pay to be a Pro user and check the month searches and QSR of the keywords. It’s very effective.

And if you are a power user and don’t want to waste your time, please consider the Jaaxy Enterprise version.

Jaaxy  Enterprise 2016 membership

Click here to check the Competitive Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy plan

If you have any question or comment, please leave them below. I will answer them help you with use Jaaxy.

To your success,

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