Affilorama Review – Too Expensive and Weak Support

Product name: Affiloramaaffilorama review
Owner: Mark Ling
Verdict: Legit
Point: 70

What is Affilorama

Affilorama, created by Mark Ling in 2005, is a popular affiliate marketing training website. Its training courses are from basic to advanced level, including tons of videos and tools.

Affilorama membership types and prices

There are 2 type of memberships at Affilorama:

Basic – Free Membership $0 ( recommended )

As a free membership, you can access all the basic affiliate marketing training courses:

market research, content creation, site building, marketing ideas, SEO, PPC, and affiliate outsourcing. Within each of those topic areas, there is a whole bunch of different lessons on specific topics; and it all seems to be available for FREE!

Premium — $67/month ( Not recommended )

This is the core offering of Affilorama. This package includes training, software, limited hosting, and forum access.


  • Affiliate Training
  • Blog Bootcamp
  • Premium Tools
  • Website Hosting
  • PLR Articles
  • Premium only supports the forum

This isn’t good as what they claimed. Talk about this later.

Affilorama products and Prices

(1) AffiloTheme – $97 (Not recommended)

  • Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Training videos on how to use it
  • Private Members Only Forum
  • Graphics Creation tool
  • One year of hosting

There are many features that are offered by the Affilo theme, such as squeeze page, opt-in form templates, affiliate link cloaking, header creator, and pop-over generator as well.

(2) AffiloBlueprint – $197 (Not recommended)

The package includes 13 lessons, 85 videos covering topics from affiliate marketing, niche marketing, and research, free traffic methods like SEO, PPC via Google’s content network, and 6 WordPress themes that are geared more towards PPC than SEO. Unfortunately, this product does not actually come with any support.

(3) AffiloJetpack – $497 (Not recommended)

This program is designed for the “lazy” or “no time” people who want to make money through affiliate marketing. They provide many materials for this, including email and article templates. But you know, if all the members use the same materials to build their websites, actually these contents are duplicated. This will damage your site rank and your online business. So this expensive product is not a good idea.

AffiloJetpack contains:

  • Over 75 expertly-crafted emails (includes affiliate programs to promote)
  • At least 20 high-quality, designed-to-convert “hard sell” emails (includes programs to promote)
  • THREE top-quality “Free reports”
  • Easy website building system with a custom WordPress theme.
  • 1-year one-click hosting and installation with our own purpose-built hosting platform.
  • 20 Content ” Cheat Sheets “
  • 3 x Professionally designed header graphics and layouts
  • Traffic Strategies training

Some of them seem good but I don’t think they are worth $497.

Now Affilorama grow into a big and popular affiliate training program but

Why I don’t recommend Affilorama 

(1) The mistakes in their training

If you search “Affilorama review”, “affilorama premium membership” or such related words on google, you will see many affiliate marketers comment on their error training.

For example, some of the obvious mistakes are backlink building, PLR articles (duplicate content)... These techniques are useless anymore and even harm your website ranking. I can’t tolerate such mistakes in these expensive training courses.

(2) The price

Yes, it is very good for a free membership and just $1 for 30 days premium membership trial. But after 30 days trial, if you want to get whole training courses and tools, the price is very very expensive. Let’s take a look at its price list:

  • Free Membership – $0/month ( That’s good!)
  • Premium Membership – $67/month ( Just ok )
  • AffiloTheme – $97 one-time but you need to keep your premium membership all the time. Then the price is: $97 + $67/month
  • AffiloBlueprint – $197 one-time  the price is: $197 + $67/month
  • AffiloJetpack – $497 one-time  the price is: $497 + $67/month

So the cost of whole Affilorama program is:  $97 + $197 + $497 + $67/month= $791 + $67/month

(3) Useless tools

I think some tools of Affilorama are useless. For example, one of the Affilotools is a website analysis tool that helps you check your site rank, traffic, and keywords rank… actually it is a google analytics tool. But this google tool is totally free for anyone.

useless website tool at affilorama

(4) the Support

This is another important guarantee for growing a successful business. Mark Ling is a great affiliate marketer but you cannot get his authoritative help directly. All answers come from other members, and most of them are free members.

What I recommend – Wealthy Affiliate

Compared with Wealthy Affiliate, whether the price or the training features, tools, support, and so on, Affilorama is less valued.

let’s see the Wealthy Affiliate Price:

  1. Free membership $0: Phase 1 free training ( videos ), 2 free WordPress websites and hosting, 30 times keyword research – Jaaxy...
  2. Premium Membership $47/month: first 7 days only $19, then $47/month. the yearly cost is only $336. ($28/month)

Another important reason is strong support:

  1. You can get direct help from the owner – Kyle and Carson ( answers within 48 hours)
  2. Instant help in the Wealthy Affiliate community

For more benefits and features for WA’s free and premium membership, please check my wealthy affiliate review here.

My Final Conclusion

Affilorama is generally legit and has good affiliate marketing training. ( In my opinion, its free membership is the best. ) If we combine its price and defects to analyze the value, Affilorama is just so-so. A program should provide 2 types: free and premium. The free membership gives people a good experience and the premium should give members all the things at a reasonable price. This is very clear or I will treat the up-sells as hidden fees. So that’s why I give its 70 points and recommend Wealthy Affiliate on equal conditions.

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