How to Embed a YouTube Video on WordPress Blog

Embed a video on your WordPress blog will enrich your content and make your site lively and vivid. This is an effective way to get visitors and drive targeted traffics to your website. YouTube is the largest video source online. If you find a popular video and relevant with your content, embedded this video in your post and thus will help your site rank in google.

In this post, I will teach you how to embed a YouTube Video on WordPress Blog in three ways:

  1. Embed a YouTube video into content
  2. Embed a YouTube video on widget
  3. Upload a video from your computer into content

﹟1  Embed a YouTube video into WordPress content

Step 1 Get video html code

If you find a YouTube video you want to embed into your content, you will see a “share” tab underneath the video. Click the “share” and select the “Embed” tab. The video html code displays there. This is the code that will be embedded in your post content. See imagine below:

share youtube video
how to share YouTube video by embedding code

You can also see “show more” underneath this code bar. There are more options about choosing the code, e.g. size…see imagine below:

more options of youtube video code
more options of youtube video html code

Step 2 Paste the html code into your content

This code CANNOT be pasted to your content directly and you need to do this work in text or html area. When you edit your WordPress post, there are 2 options chosen at the the right top of the edit page. One is “visual” and another is “text” or “html”. Select the “text” and find the right place to paste this video html code.

wordpress post editing tab
choose wordpress post editing tab

Step 3 Embed video into the content

Here I will show you an example of embedding a YouTube video in this post.

Let’s take the above video what I have found on YouTube – “the fastest website builder in the world”. ( Actually, this site builder belong to Wealthy Affiliate Members – whether starter or premium membership)

Now I have got the video html code by following above methods, then I have copied these codes under this sentence in the text editing environment.  See imagine below:

embed video code
how to embed a YouTube video code in text editing area

and you will see the result in this post:

You see insert a YouTube video is so easily. Everyone can complete this work even if you haven’t any html knowledge. Please refer to the demo video training on Wealthy Affiliate

video tutorial of embedding code
video tutorial of embedding code into WordPress content

Now let’s talk about…

﹟2 Embed a YouTube video on WP widget

WordPress platform is very flexible. You can insert a YouTube video not only in post content but also in widget area. That’s fairly easy as well.

Go to WP widget area and drag “text” from the right to the left side bar and copy the video html code and click “save” tab. Then it’s over.

insert video into widget
insert youtube video into widget

After saving the text widget, you will this video on your WordPress sidebar. See imagine below:

sidebar widget video
how video displays on WordPress sidebar with widget

Here’s the tutorial video on Wealthy Affiliate about the whole procession of Embedding a YouTube video on WP widget.

tutorial video of embedded in widget
tutorial video of embedded in widget

﹟3 Embed or upload a video from your computer

 Besides above 2 ways to embed a YouTube video in WordPress blog post, you can also upload a video from your computer.

Step 1

On the post editing page, click the “Add Media” tab ( left top ) and choose the video from you computer, see imagine below

upload a video from computer
upload a video from computer

Step 2

Find the video in your computer and click upload to your WordPress media list.

Step 3 

In above “insert media” page, click “insert into post” tab.

Note: Maximum upload video size: 8 MB

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