9 reasons Why Siterubix is the best free wordpress website builder

There are so many popular free WordPress website builders online, weebly, wix, squarespace, wordpress.com and so on. According to my personal experiences, I say, Siterubix is outstanding among of them.

free wordpress website builder - siterubix
8 reasons – Siterubix is the best free wordpress website builder

What is Siterubix and its background

Siterubix was launched in 2007 and is owned by Wealthy Affiliate. Now it has developed into an advanced web technology platform, including hosting services, domain registration, website builder and step by step and advanced online busyness training for beginners and professionals.

Firstly, let’s see how hot Siterubix on google search:


Reason 1:  First things first – Totally Free

Siterubix is a completely free WordPress website builder, no hidden fees, no credit card need. And there is another important: No any ads display on your website!

Actually, This site is created with Siterubix. ( Note: The ads in the right of my site is added by myself.)

create a free wordpress website now

Reason 2:  Unique features

(1) Website quantities

Anyone can be allowed to build TWO FREE WordPress websites with Siterubix.

(2) Rich WordPress themes 

More than 2000 WordPress themes on Siterubix  are all responsive for different niche and can help you turn traffic into sales easily. ( 6 theme choice for free)

wordpress themes on siterubix
more than 2000 responsive WordPress themes on siterubix


(3) Web hosting services

Its web hosting service is supported by Wealthy Affiliate. Below imagine is my premium member hosting. Except for 50 website quantities, the other hosting features are same as a free membership.

web hosting service feature
web hosting service features

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( 4)  Keyword tool

Siterubix provide another powerful tool is their keyword tool. This tool needn’t to be downloaded and installed on your PC. All keyword research works can be completed on page!

Only one time search, it provide your site the three key factors of keyword: search volumes, traffics and competition and dig the keyword deeply to find more values.

siterubix keyword research tool
Siterubix’s unique keyword research tool

Con’s of Siterubix keyword tool:

It seems that it only support English word search.


(5) Domain registration

Siterubix didn’t provide this service before. With the development and more and more people joined, Siterubix added this this year, The new domain registration price is about ﹩12-15 yearly. I think it is reasonable.

Of course, you can also transfer your other domains to Siterubix if you would like to manage them together.

Below imagine is my new domain registered on Siterubix. It’s very easy!

siterubix domain registration
my new domain registered on Siterubix

Above top domain registration is for premium member. Of course, as a free membership, you can choose 2 free domain with siterubix just by typing words into below bar:

Siterubix provide privacy service free:

Prevent all related personal information of your domain leaking.   If someone search your domain online, he cannot see your personal email, phone number…

(6) WordPress plugin

About 36,000 plugins for your choice. If you build a website with Siterubix successfully, several important plugins will be pre-loaded, e.g SEO PLUGIN – all in one SEO pack in your site. You can delete unwanted plugins at any time.

Note: Too plugins maybe effect your website speed.

(7) Interesting

Siterbix is a “dummy” free website builder. Users needn’t any html knowledge, on the contrary, it is a fairly interesting work. The main goal of Siterubix is: how to turn your hobby into a profitable business through building your own website. (You can click former link to see this short descriptions on its mother website)

create a free wordpress website now

Reason 3:  Monitor and evaluate your website health and safety

Siterubix monitor your website health and safety 24/7. It does a daily backup of all of your sites so you don’t have to so anything to get that backup done. Once your website is ruined, you can contact support to restore your website.   Don’t worry about this problem.

Speak of monitoring your website health, this function are very helpful. The intuitive chart tell your website status or problems and improving methods.

monitor website health and safety
monitor your website health and safety
  1. The status of your website health: red means your website need to be improved or adds more quality contents frequently. Click view details to see snapshot below
  2. Siterubix monitor and prevent your website from hacking and infected by virus.
  3. the newest of WordPress version of your website
  4. Google index: if it display “yes”, that means your site has been indexed by google ( this is a necessary condition of finding your site by search keywords on google)
display website health status
display your website health status

You can improve your site according to above tips and methods.

Reason 5: Get target traffics to your website

Yes, there are many free and paid way to get traffics to your site.  Maybe it is a kind of difficult for a beginner to find or use these methods.  But if your WordPress website is built on Siterubix platform, there do exist some helpful ways to attract target traffics gradually.

(1)Get traffics from your website comments

You ask for other members to leave their corresponding comments on your site.

As we know, trash comment will damage your site and decrease your site rank. but  quality comments make your site more informative and thus google would like to index such site. In this way, your site tell google how the users like to visit your site. If search keywords on google, you will find the top website that have many such comments there.

Here I would like to tell you the truth:

One comment will cost you 1 credit. On the other hand, you can earn credits by commenting other members’ site in this way. No limit!

Siterubix comment function

You will possibly question above method:

(a)  Why would members like to leave a comment on your site in Siterubix?

The reason is simple. They can earn credits in this way and withdraw cash.

(b)  How about leave trash comment on my site?

This system prohibit such comment strictly. Trash and too short comments cannot be passed here.

(2)Get traffics from its community

Siterubix courage its members learn each other so you can add your sites to “my profile”. When you ask or answer questions, your website will be exposed to others and got clicks.. You can also check other members’ sites to learn their techniques. Here’s an example of one of Siterubix member’s websites added in his profile.

add website to your siterubix profile
add website to your siterubix profile to get traffics

Reason 6: Suitable for affiliate marketing business

Some other free website builders don’t support you to add affiliate link in your website and will display free ads on your site at the expense of a free user. But there is no restriction on Siterubix. Thanks to its website tools and training, it is the right places to build a successful and long term affiliate marketing business. I have given a short description about this in below part.

Reason 7: Step by step Training

In my opinion,  it make Siterubix outstanding among all of website builders is its step by step free training. All these courses are taught by the owners -Kely & Carson and entrepreneurs.

As a beginner, you just follow their easy training course ( updated with the times ) to create your site. Thus can keep you in the right track at the beginning of online business, it will save lots of your efforts and reduce mistakes ( some are fatal for your site works )

These training courses not only solve the problem of creating a website but also building online business. The Bootcamp course 1 (10 lessons) and tons of training created by their members are fully free!

step by step training for beginners
step by step training for beginners
create a free wordpress website now

Reason 8:  Strong support and help 24/7

(1) Check Everything WordPress Classroom

Generally, you can find all answers about WordPress questions in this classroom.

everything WordPress classroom
everything WordPress classroom

(2) Search questions answered by professionals

Maybe your questions had already been answered or solved by people. Just type keywords in the search bar and find answers.

search questions or problems for answers
search questions or problems for answers

(3) Live Chat Support

Click Live Chat tab to get instant help or answers.

Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support

(5) Another important help for your website

Maybe you have created your site and contents but no clicks, no sale, you cannot find out the problem where it is. In this case, you can publish your site in the community and you will get the owners and other experienced professionals answers. Don’t be shy! This is very helpful. What I got help in this way

Reason 9: Multiple languages support

Siterubix allow you to create your website in any language, not only for English version. I have successfully created a Chinese website with Siterubix.

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