Building Landing Pages that Rock

Here I would like to introduce one of the series of Wealthy Affiliate webinars ( ONE WEEK A TIME) by Jay- He will show you how to Build Landing Pages that Rock


The Landing Page has gone through an evolution!

It is no longer a page for Paid Campaigns but a universal page for a distraction free environment of awesomeness – and it’s YOUR turn to have a rockin’ landing page!

Below is the digestion of this webinar before you watch:

Webinar overview

  1. What Exactly is a Landing Page
  2. Creating a Distraction Free Environment
  3. Important Above the Fold Elements
  4. UX Workflow to a Landing Page
  5. How to Track Landing Page Behavior
  6. Jay’s Rockin’ Landing Pages EXPOSED!
  7. Live Q & A Session

﹟1  What Exactly is a Landing Page

landing page example
landing page example

Back in the day……

  • Landing pages looked liked this ( right picture )
  • Opt-in or leave
  • No menu
  • No internal links
  • There was NO user experience

But that has all changed……

Today’s landing pages

  • Have menus
  • Have internal links
  • Can be blog posts
  • Can be pages

Any page on your site…is a landing page

Google anlytics says so:

Behavior > Site Content > Lading pages

“The only restriction a landing page has is its creator…”

﹟2 Creating a Distraction Environment

It is important for ALL ( landing ) pages have 3 primary focal points.

  • The headline
  • The content
  • The Call to Action

﹟3 Important above the fold element

  • Above the fold  It is elements ( i.e. stuff ) that is seen on a site BEFORE a user scrolls down.
  • Headline
  • Imagine ( on the right )
  • Beginning paragraph or abstract

These variables change based on landing page intent.

﹟4 UX Workflow to a Landing Page

(1)  UX means user experience

(2) Workflow

  • The process to get somewhere
  • How to arrive at a landing page

(3)  Current Landing page Example: Landing page 1 ( with menus, internal links…), Landing page 2 ( simple version )

  • Relies on affiliate to flow to the homepage
  • This is down with 4 sides: reviews, banners, CTA ( call to action ) at the bottom of blog post, videos.

﹟5 How to track landing page behavior

Google analytics is a very helpful tool of tracking all your landing pages and give you all index. Jay teach you how to use these to improve your landing page  and increase conversation rate.

how to track landing page
how to track landing page
using google analytics to track landing pages
using google analytics to track landing pages

# 6 Jay’s Rockin’ Landing Page EXPOSED

Jay isnot only the teacher of Wealthy Affiliate and but a successful affiliate marketer. He will let you know how he design his own high conversation rate landing page to promote Amazon products and other affiliate programs or products.

jay's landing page
one of Jay’s landing pages

# 7  Live Q & A Session

Of course, this course cannot solve everyone’s question. But if you join the Wealthy Affiliate webinar, you can ask Jay your personal question at this part, he will answer you online. I very like this part because other people’s questions are possibly mine.

Next Jay’s webinar: Let’s Build a Landing Page LIVE!

I hope my simple introduction give you a clear view of Jay’s webinar.


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