How to Get Paid to Comment on Blogs at Wealthy Affiliate

Do you know -you can leave/add/write a comment on other people blogs to make money online? It’ true.  You can earn 1 dollar ( 2 credit ) for commenting on every two blog site at Wealthy Affiliate.

﹟1    Log into Wealthy Affiliate

When you log into your Wealthy Affiliate account, you will find the menu “Siterubix – build your website here” at the right bar, click it to check the “get comments on your pages & posts”.

see pic below:

Get Paid to Comment on Blogs at Wealthy Affiliate

Then you will be lead to the page of earning credits/money by offering comments. See pic below:

earn credits by commenting blogs

﹟2    Setting your comment profile

On this page, you can choose some interests so that Wealthy Affiliate can try and match you up with websites you are interested in. See pic below:

get paid to post comments

﹟3 Add comments to earn credits/money

Once you have set your comment profile, you will receive websites which is required for your comment. Now you can add/write/leave comment on the blog site to earn credits. See pic below:

how to comment blogs at wealthy affiliate

Entering your email ( indicates that you are a true man and serious) and write a comment for this blog then post or submit your comment to earn 1 credit/0.5 dollar.

Before commenting any website, you should click the site to read the content and know about it. You never should not spam or just write several simple words to cheat for credits.

If you don’t know how to comment them, please open the site to see what other members comment.


(a) why people ask comments for their websites or blogs and who will pay credits for this work?

Because the more comments and dialogue you have within your content, the better your site rankings are going to be (as your engagement value goes up).

Comments are a big part of our online business. They are not only a critical component of your overall engagement, they are good for SEO, target traffic and good search rank. That’s why the website owners hope to get true comments for their blogs.

Note: If you want to improve your blog rank, SEO or get more value traffics, you can require comments for your blog in this way. 1 comment cost 1 credit. ( You can earn free credits at Wealthy Affiliate.)

(b) What kinds of websites you can comment for money?

All sorts of websites or blogs at Wealthy Affiliate.


The blog is created with Siterubix ( Wealthy Affiliate free website builder ) by WA members.


The blogs have been transferred to Wealthy Affiliate

(b) How to get paid to comment?

The owners of blogs which are commented will pay you 1 credit. When credits has been accumulated up to 20, you can apply for Wealthy Affiliate and get paid through PayPal.

(c) How much you can earn?

1 credit (0.5 dollar ) for 1 website comment. No limited. The minimum payment is 20 credits ( 10 dollars – paid through papal)  .

One more thing…

Besides adding website comments, you can also earn credits/money by offering feedback at Wealthy Affiliate. 1 credit for 1 feedback.

get paid to feedback for blogs at wealthy affiliate

Feedback for blogs

The blog owners need you to give YOUR accurate opinion of the content, the style, the layout, the targeted audience, the quantity of pages, headers, footers, sidebars ….

Please check Feedback VS Comments



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